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The best wineries in Pavia.

Map of the wineries in Pavia

Search on the map the best wineries in Pavia. With this simple tool you have the opportunity to discover the winery that is the nearest to you or to the area you prefer.


Viale dei Tigli, 12 27050
Torrazza Coste (Pavia)

Pastore vini di qualità

Giulia Pastore, graduate in viticulture and master winemaking and oenologist / agronomist for passion and love for my land. I grew up "between one row and another" of my vineyards, listening to...

Tenuta Mazzolino

Via Mazzolino, 26 27050
Corvino San Quirico (Pavia)

Close and far cultures interwine at Tenuta Mazzolino, after all its name in Latin means exactly “meeting place”, stop–over (Mansiolinum). Vines have been growing here for 3,000 years, the...


Via San Lazzaro, 5 27050
Torricella Verzate (Pavia)

Azienda Agricola Monsupello places its foundation more than a century ago, in 1893, when the Boatti Family in Cà del Tava locality in the municipality of Oliva Gessi already dedicated itself to...


Fr. Ne Camponoce, 39/a 27044
Canneto Pavese (Pavia)

The “S.a.S. Giorgi & C.” company was founded in 1875 and has known three generations of vinegrowers. With three great detached wineries for processing, packaging and storage of wines, it has...

Azienda Agricola Travaglino

Località Travaglino, 6/A 27040
Calvignano (Pavia)

Travaglino is a reality in continuous development, which supports for the production of all the company’s sparkling wines the exclusive use of steel during the ripening phases, in order to...

Bruno Verdi

Via Vergomberra, 5 27044
Canneto Pavese (Pavia)

The story of the Verdi family in Vergomberra dates back to the eighteent century, when Antonio Verdi, probably from the Duchy of Parma, settled in Oltrepo Pavese. Since then, four generations have...


Strada San Biagio, 46 27045
Casteggio (Pavia)

We cultivate the vineyards according to the methods of sustainable farming, to obtain that originality that only the location of the vineyard can transmit naturally to wine. The soil receives...


fr. Scorzoletta 40/42 27043
Pietra de' Giorgi (Pavia)

This story starts in 1962 and goes on during the years at the service of the competence firts agrocultivation and then oenological, because the good wine is made only with good grape . We take...

Podere San Giorgio

Località Castello, 1 27046
Santa Giuletta (Pavia)

The San Giorgio company has thirty hectares of rolling terrain, including a forest of ancient oaks, with gentle and harmonious slopes. It is one of the oldest wine–producing regions, once...

Tenuta San Francesco

via Scazzolino, 55 27040
Rovescala (Pavia)

Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni

Frazione Costa Montefedele 27040
Montù Beccaria (Pavia)

Fattoria Olmo Antico

Via Marconi, 8 27040
Borgo Priolo (Pavia)

Paolo Baggini, following the family tradition, continues his adventures of vinegrower and produces wines of quality with natural systems and growing vines organically.


Via Marconi 10 27040
Montù Beccaria (Pavia)


Valle Cima 38 27040
Cigognola (Pavia)

The Valenti brothers have always been able to obtain, from the lands of Oltrepò Pavese, wines of the highest quality and typicality. The vineyards are located in the municipalities of Cigognola,...


Via San Biagio, 32 27045
Casteggio (Pavia)

The Clastidio Ballabio company, founded in 1905, is one of the oldest companies in Oltrepò Pavese and in Italy. The company’s philosophy of today is to produce wines capable of expressing and...