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Via Capranica, 11 03030
Campoli Appennino (Frosinone)

Azienda Agricola Benacquista farm was founded in 1996 in Campoli Appennino, in the beautiful setting of Val Comino, in the Lazio side of the Abruzzo National Park, finding its location in a...


Via dei Faggi, 13 47842
San Giovanni in Marignano (Rimini)

Dal 1954 la famiglia Bigucci vende e produce olio extravergine d'oliva e prodotti di alta qualità

In the Italy of the 60s, extra virgin olive oil was destined to become the most popular condiment, and Bruno Bigucci understood this. Without our father, who started selling olive oil from...


Via Cornoleda, 15/B 3530
Cinto Euganeo (Padova)

Per noi la terra è qualcosa di vivo e ci parla attraverso i frutti dell'albero che amiamo di più. L'

The love for our territory and the desire to safeguard its potential have pushed us to improve and expand the offer of traditional products of our peasant family. After years of work and effort,...


C.da Scinetto 87067
Rossano (Cosenza)

Azienda Agricola Donato Parisi produzione Olio Extravergine

The pioneer of the tradition of today's family business was Giuseppe Donato Parisi, who in the 1920s started the agricultural production of oil, flour and wine. Later he focused on the production...


Via Adriano Olivetti, 43 70056
Molfetta (Bari)

olio di oliva elianto


via Portico, 13 24060
Bagnatica (Bergamo)

We have the pleasure to present the representative catalogue of machines built by our company. For the processing and the extraction of edible oil, from oleic seeds, with an oil content of more...


Via Marconi, 30 37023
Grezzana (Verona)

Olio extra vergine di Oliva Veneto e Lago di Garda dal 1895

Despite the great success, the values ​​that guide the company continue to be the ones of bygone days: quality, genuineness, and love in every little gesture, from the cultivation of olives, to...


Via Mantovane, 8/a 35030
Cinto Euganeo (Padova)

Il Frantoio di Valnogaredo produce dalle proprie coltivazioni e situate sui Colli Eugane prodotti di

The oil mill dates back to the seventeenth century and was originally operated by mules or horses that turned in circles to turn the two large stone millstones that crush the olives. In the early...


Via 2 Giugno, 17 52023
Bucine (Arezzo)

Frantoio Maddii of Levane–Bucine in Tuscany begins its activity in 1930, founded by the great–grandfather of the current owner, Corrado Maddii. The oil mill has always worked with respect of...

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