Scheduled for 1 December 2023 at 4.00 pm in the splendid setting of the San Salvatore Castle in the province of Treviso, the conference promoted by the consultancy firm Uva Sapiens dedicated to the future of wine and its possible evolutions.

What scenarios and possible worlds within which the sector can evolve remain, however, still largely to be investigated. This is the spirit that animated Uva Sapiens , a high technical and specialist consultancy company in the wine sector of Farra di Soligo, to organize the convention scheduled for 1 December at the Castello di San Salvatore on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of its foundation.
“The wine to come. Multidisciplinary contaminations for a necessary evolution”: this is the title of what for the three partners of Uva Sapiens, Mattia Filippi, Umberto Marchiori and Roberto Merlo, aims to be primarily a moment of multi-sectoral sharing and a strong innovative energy, made possible by participation of an exceptional parterre of speakers from different fields but all united by the concept of evolution as the key to development. “ The question that increasingly moves and stimulates us – says the President of Uva Sapiens Umberto Marchioriis to understand what the production but also perceptive and cultural conditions are today and will be in the next future that will be functional to the perpetuation of the world of wine . To do this we are firmly convinced that we cannot limit ourselves to finding answers within the culture of wine understood as a specific technique but we must instead open ourselves up to different worlds and sectors from which to draw positive contaminations, stimuli and even provocations. This, therefore, is why at our appointment on 1st December, personalities who belong to cognitive and intellectual modalities so different from each other will be sitting at the same table: from Professor Attilio Scienza , to the anthropologist Paolo Scarpi , from the engineer and former team principal of the team Ferrari Mattia Binotto to the historian Danilo Gasparini , from the newly elected Master of Wine Andrea Lonardi to the neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso .” Fabio Piccoli , managing director of Wine Meridian, journalist and wine marketing expert, will have the challenging task of moderating the speakers' table. “ We are happy to bring together on this occasion – says Mattia Filippi – friends of today and yesterday, companies with which we collaborate, but also journalists and professionals to share together the idea that wine represents today more than ever a force capable of evolving thanks to the contribution of many different skills as well as a technical but also and perhaps above all humanistic approach. We wish, through the contributions of our speakers, to "throw the ball forward" to explore new solutions and build new awareness in what today represents a time that requires us to question old paradigms and open ourselves to new scenarios".