VINITALY - Tastes and trends of tourism tailored to savvy wine lovers
VINITALY - Tastes and trends of tourism tailored to savvy wine lovers

VINITALY - Tastes and trends of tourism tailored to savvy wine lovers

Walks, visits, tastings, blind tastings, picnics and aperitifs in the company's largest and most fascinating estate. A green oasis powered mostly by solar energy in the most beautiful Tuscany.

the place of the heart for wine lovers! CARPINETO Great wines of Tuscany and wine tourism.

NEW from spring 2023 Carpineto also opens the small "jewel" estate of Montalcino to wine tourism ( by reservation only )

Carpineto is present at OPERA WINE - Saturday 1 March 2023

VINITALY 2023 HALL 7 - Booth E7 – E8

A wine retreat of 184 hectares of land dedicated to vineyards, olive groves and woods, an ideal environment for the game that populates it in its natural state. An oasis of nature and environment in the name of sustainability. It is the Montepulciano Estate , the largest of the 5 estates of the Tuscan brand of great reds.

A small, great family story, indeed of families, spanning three generations, told through wines that remain in the memory for a long time and arouse emotions.

There are various experiences of full immersion in nature , in close contact with those who make, produce, great wines. You climb "at high altitude" on a tower/cistern for a bird's-eye view of the vineyards and instagrammable landscapes, you stroll through the vineyards, you enter the cellar, you taste carefully savoring the different denominations and vintages, you have a snack on the lawn lakeside under the gazebo. Or you sit at the wooden tables contemplating the vineyards and opt for a light lunch with typical products. Inevitable greedy shopping at the end to take home a few bottles.

The estate is accessed along a long (over a kilometre) white road flanked by two dense rows of centuries-old cypresses, with vineyards as far as the eye can see on the right and left, whose colors change with each season.

The gentle slope of the hills allows for such a broad view that you first see the ancient eighteenth-century buildings with the contemporary architecture cellar in front, and glimpse beyond the vineyards the small lake, nature reserve surrounded by meadows and poplars . On the bank, just below one of the most beautiful vineyards, there is also an Etruscan tomb that has never been excavated but whose exact site and dimensions are known. On the right, after a slight ups and downs and the oak forest with the natural truffle ground , the ancient olive grove . In short, a scenario at times pastoral .

In the background the majestic mass of Monte Cetona dominates and beyond that Mount Amiata, behind which the majestic sun descends. A dream to stroll through the vineyards and taste at sunset .

If traveled on foot, walking, the access road already offers splendid views over the entire valley with vineyards, an intact nature of a beauty as simple as it is absolute.

Harmony and essential composition kept in mind by Giovanni Carlo Sacchet , founder with Antonio Mario Zaccheo , over 50 years ago of Carpineto , in designing the ultra-modern and technological winemaking and aging cellar in 2010, built according to eco-compatibility criteria, with green building materials; a cellar that thanks to solar panels produces reused green energy .

In total 4,500 square meters divided into three rooms : one for the more strictly production and winemaking area, one with the rooms for the wooden elevation and one intended for reception with the raised open space tasting area overlooking the cellar.

The large windows in the hall that welcomes guests, and gives access to the small company museum of agricultural tools with a breakdown of the winemaking of the last century, offer plenty of natural light and continuous breath with the surrounding landscape.

"We practice precision agriculture with latest generation machines and technologies with very little environmental impact which allows us to carry out treatments exclusively when needed and targeted, to protect biodiversity - explains Antonio Michael Zaccheo - our behavior with respect to the footprint of carbon since vineyards and woods absorb much more CO2 than they produce".

"We do not make any use of additives, adjuvants of animal origin and stabilizers, this, together with the decision to increasingly lighten the weight of the bottles, putting a sense of responsibility towards the environment first with the aim of creating a virtuous cycle and fully sustainable and ethical wines" - says Caterina Sacchet , oenologist and producer in the second generation with Antonio Zaccheo Jr.

In short, an oasis of nature and environment in the name of sustainability .

The estate is above all the beating heart of the Nobile production, for which the company represents one of the reference points for the denomination. Here Carpineto produces the Vino Nobile Riserva DOCG , the only Tuscan company to produce it only in the Riserva version, an award-winning wine for three years in the top 100 ranking of the best wines in the world by Wine Spectator .

The Cru of Nobile Vigneto Poggio Sant'Enrico Vino Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG , 100% Sangiovese, is also multi-awarded.

In this Appodiato, from individual vineyards, the company also obtains 4 Crus , produced only in years considered exceptional: these are the Vigne degli Appodiati , with extraordinary characteristics that enhance the peculiarities of each single micro-zone. Bottled without undergoing any treatment, they are released from the cellar after at least five years of aging in the bottle. Real icons able to evolve over time.

The city of Nobile, Montepulciano is only a few kilometers away, regal and elegant can be seen on the hill. Even closer to the estate, the historic center of Chianciano Terme , an ancient village enclosed by walls, little known to most and well worth a visit, as well as the Archaeological Museum with the section dedicated to wine in the Etruscan age . Not to be missed!

After the Wine Tour with tasting, those who love walking, or maybe cycling can reach the village directly from the estate along dirt roads and country paths. You walk while observing rows of vines softened by rose bushes and Luigi Veronelli's words still come to mind, "to understand a wine you have to walk the vineyards".




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VINITALY - Tastes and trends of tourism tailored to savvy wine lovers