The research and experimentation work of Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori continues, the Consortium of 22 top restaurants of the FVG, flanked by 47 partners including winemakers, distillers and artisans of taste, which in 2020 (anniversary of its 20 years of activity), had launched the La Nuova Cucina project, involving about twenty emerging restaurants in the region, the Nuovi Amici in which the group believes. Designed to celebrate this important milestone in a proactive and visionary way, the project - divided into 3 chapters - is now in its second phase, which will culminate in 10 appointments scheduled between June and July.

Re-reading the tradition

After creating avant-garde dishes for the Chapter 1 dinners, this year too we return to contemporary cuisine, but to re-read tradition . "We pass from the laboratory to the high fashion atelier - explains the president of the consortium Walter Filipputti - The intention of the consortium to involve as many subjects and actors as possible has materialized with satisfaction: the network of participants now has 86 subjects , of half of which are restaurateurs, in addition to the institutions (Regione Fvg, PromoturismoFvg, Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone-Udine), whom we thank for having believed in and supported our project. "

10 evenings in 30 days

The New Cuisine Chapter 2 will be divided into 10 evenings , unique and special, which will take place in as many places associated with Friuli Venezia Giuli Via dei Sapori, with the exception of Trieste, where the evening will be set on the sea, hosted by a restaurateur Amico .

The evenings will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 29 June to 29 July .

The protagonists will be 4 chefs (two from the Consortium and two from the emerging restaurants) , who, by comparing and working together, have created an absolutely new menu. An important 6-course menu, which will start with a special welcome from the kitchen created by eight hands, followed by one or two appetizers, one or two first courses, the second and the dessert. Everything will be enriched by refined delicacies of the project partners: from the selection of matching wines (there will be over fifty, five for each evening, in addition to desserts), to the spirits that will accompany the desserts created not only by the chefs of the restaurateurs, but also by pastry chefs and chocolatiers from the region.

Reservations for dinners are mandatory and must be made directly to the restaurants. The cost is the same for all, € 80.00. The menus and all the information on, where all the actors of the New Cuisine talked about themselves.

Unpublished recipes

The recipes that will be presented during the evenings are all new and designed specifically for this series of events. On the table, guests will taste the tradition reinterpreted by the 39 restaurateurs of the Consortium and Nuovi Amici.

The paths taken by each of them are different , and the solutions proposed are absolutely interesting. Some chefs started from Friuli Venezia Giulia products, transforming a traditional ingredient in a completely different way than usual. Others have interpreted a historic dish in a more current one, while continuing to use the same ingredients. Still others have used modern techniques to enhance, lighten and modernize traditional recipes. "The common goal - explains Filipputti - was to sublimate tradition, enhancing tastes through a new vision of dishes."

The calendar

June 29 - From Nando (Mortegliano)

together with the chefs of: Ai Fiori, La Bonteca, Pura Follia

1 July - Lokanda Devetak (San Michele del Carso)

together with the chefs of: Al Carnia, AB Osteria Contemporanea, Darsena

6 July - La Taverna (Colloredo di Montalbano)

together with the chefs of: La Torre, Antica Ghiacceretta, Osteria Dvor

8 July - Al Grop (Tavagnacco)

together with the chefs of: Tavernetta All'Androna, Caffetteria Torinese, Alla Casasola

13 July - Golden Calf (Udine)

together with the chefs of: Mondschein, Enoteca di Buttrio, Hostaria la Tavernetta

July 15 - Ai Tre Merli (Trieste)

together with the chefs of: Al Gallo, La Buteghe di Pierute, San Michele

20 July - Al Paradiso (Pocenia)

together with the chefs of: Ilija Restaurant, La Pigna, La Luna

July 22 - Costantini (Collalto di Tarcento)

together with the chefs of: Al Ponte, 1883 Restaurant & Rooms, Il Piron dal Re

July 27 - La Subida (Cormons)

together with the chefs of: La Torre, Barcaneta, Da Alvise

29 July - Ilija Restaurant (Tarvisio)

together with the chefs of: Da Toni, Sal de Mar, Valeria 1904

For information

Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori - Tel 0432 530052


Restaurateurs of Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori (

Ai Fiori di Trieste, Al Gallo di Pordenone, Al Grop di Tavagnacco, Al Paradiso di Pocenia, Al Ponte di Gradisca d'Isonzo, All'Androna di Grado, Campiello di S. Giovanni al Natisone, Carnia di Venzone, Costantini di Tarcento, Da Nando di Mortegliano, Da Toni di Gradiscutta, Ristorante Ilija di Tarvisio, La Subida di Cormòns, La Taverna di Colloredo di M.Albano, La Torre di Spilimbergo, Lokanda Devetak di San Michele del Carso, Mondschein di Sappada, Vitello d'Oro of Udine.

New friends

21 emerging restaurants have been selected to participate in the project. Representative of the regional areas, they contribute with their own recipes and involvement in the communication of the project to launch the message of the New Cuisine.

1883 Restaurant & Rooms in Cervignano del Friuli, AB Osteria Contemporanea in Lavariano di Mortegliano, Torinese Cafeteria in Palmanova, Alla Casasola in Maniago, Alla Luna in Gorizia, Antica Ghiacceretta in Trieste, Barcaneta in Marano Lagunare, Bonteca in Cordenons, Da Alvise in Sutrio , Valeria 1904 of Trieste, Darsena in San Giorgio di Nogaro, Dvor of S. Floriano del Collio, Enoteca of Buttrio, Hostaria La Tavernetta of Udine, Il Piron Dal Re di Codroipo, La Buteghe of Pierute di Illegio, La Pigna of Lignano Sabbiadoro , Pura Follia di Givigliana Rigolato, Sal De Mar di Muggia, San Michele di Fagagna, Tre Merli di Trieste.

The gastronomic journey of the 39 restaurants is also flanked by winemakers and distilleries, excellence in the agri-food sector and artisans of taste: together, the group is the standard-bearer of the best that Friuli Venezia Giulia offers at the table.

21 winemakers and 1 distiller

Albino Armani, Castello di Spessa, Dario Coos, Di Lenardo, Edi Keber, Ermacora, Eugenio Collavini, Forchir, Jermann, Livio Felluga, Livon, Marco Felluga, Nero Magis, Petrussa, Picech, Princic, Ronco delle Betulle, Sirch, Venica & Venica, Vistorta, Zidarich. Nonino Distillers.

19 artisans of taste with excellent productions

The Macino artisanal pasta by Roberto Franzin from Aquileia; jams and cured meats from the Devetak Sara farm; San Daniele raw ham by DOK Dall'Ava; cooked ham and Dentesano sausages; the trout-based delicacies of FriulTrota di San Daniele; goose cured meats and products by Jolanda de Colò di Palmanova; cheeses and products from the Dairy of Cividale and Valli del Natisone; the cheeses of the Montasio Consortium; the free-range rabbits of Coniglionatura di Precenicco; the prized fish from the Valle del Lovo di Carlino valliculture; the flours and cod from the Mulino Zoratto di Codroipo; the truffles of Muzzana Amatori Tartufi; the breads and sweets of the Forno di Rizzo di Tarcento; the gubana from L'Antica recipe from Cormòns; the sweets of the Simeoni pastry shop in Udine; the sweets and chocolates of the Mosaico and Cocambo pastry shops in Aquileia; sweets and cakes from the Maritani Pastry Shop in Monfalcone and Staranzano; the coffee of Oro Caffè in Udine; Sirk Vinegar; the Spirulina algae from the Spiruline farm in Cormòns.

6 technical partners

Bliz Peugeot dealer in Tavagnacco; Globus of Pavia of Udine; Lis Laundry of S. Vito al Tagliamento; Monaco Catering of Udine; Publicad of Udine; Soplaya of Udine.

The La Nuova Cucina project sees the collaboration of Regione FVG, PromoTurismo FVG, Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone - Udine.