VINITALY 2014: the Tour of Italy of Grappa
VINITALY 2014: the Tour of Italy of Grappa

VINITALY 2014: the Tour of Italy of Grappa

VINITALY 2014: the Tour of Italy of Grappa

The Grappa National Institute is preparing to attend Vinitaly 2014 with its members in a symbolic "Tour of Italy" to discover the Italian distillate. The journey into the world of grappa will be experienced listening to the voice of the distillers. It will be possible to browse through the many facets of grappa in the various Italian regions, represented in the halls of the event.

The Tour of Italy of Grappa

Many are the producers of the Grappa National Institute presenting at Vinitaly the best of their production.

The tour of the flagship distillate begins with the Valle d’Aosta region, with the name of Saint Roch, who will make you enjoy its award–winning best jewels: Genepy Artemisia Vegetalis, Chocopy and Grappa of Fumin (silver medals at the IWSC in London 2013) or Distillate of Raspberry Infusion and Grappa of Blanc de Morgex (bronze medals at the IWSC in London 2013) or rather Distillate of Blueberry Infusion (silver medal at the Concours Mondial in Brussels 2013) and Syrah 2011 Terroir Rosset – Gold Medal at 7 ceps 2013 in Bourg en Bresse.

The Tour of Italy continues with the Piedmont region with 4 distilleries, including Mazzetti d’Altavilla, which presents in absolute preview at Vinitaly “Riserva Vitae”. Cuono is well represented with Montanaro and the new Grappa di Barolo Dalapè Grappa: a Grappa of Nebbiolo da Barolo distilled in 1999 by the intense and captivating fragrance with hints of spices ranging from vanilla, a typical of the oak characteristic, to cinnamon, to very persistent aromas with toasted notes typical of long aging. Even the Romano Levi Distillery with Grappa di Moscato, Chamomile and Paglierina and Sibona, whose innovations will be presented at Vinitaly will be XO Grappa, Botti Da Porto Grappa, Botti Da Sherry Grappa. Botti Da Whiskey Grappa, in addition to the single–variety Grappa of Barolo, Moscato and Arneis, Amaro Sibona and a liqueur with chamomile and grappa.

The next stop is Lombardy, with the Rossi d’Angera Distillery and the top products of the Luxury line and the Tradition line, in addition to Grappa Riserva Personale, awarded with the IWS Gold Medal in 2012 and elected typical product of the Lombardy Region. Then, a step in South Tyrol to know the Geist of hazelnut and the Geist of Roner prunes.

From Veneto, the four and a half liters magnum of Grappa Of Amarone Barrique by Bonollo Umberto Distilleries of Padua, a historical company dedicated for over one hundred years and four generations to the art of distillation, arrives at Vinitaly, in limited edition for special occasions.

In Emilia, still Bonollo with Formigine Distillery (MO) with Grappa Reserve of Sagrantino di Montefalco, fine, elegant and sensual distillate of pleasant spicy and floral notes, with rounded taste of vanilla and blackberry background.

As well as two are the distilleries of Tuscany: Deta Barberino Val d’Elsa Distillery (FI), which, in addition to the traditional grappa di Brunello, Chianti Classico and Vinsanto reserves, will present in preview the "Alma Toscana" line of grappa, and Nannoni Grappe di Paganico (GR), which will offer an "educational olfactory sensory journey" in the world of spirits, aimed at the education of good drinking and the recognition of the strengths and weaknesses that can be found in spirits.

The Tour of Italy of Grappa will conclude with the Sicilian F.lli Russo Distillery of Santa Venerina (CT).

"Being present at the most important international exhibition of the industry – the President of the Grappa National Institute Elvio Bonollo said – is the best way to carry out an effective promotion in respect of the flagship spirit, national pride and the maximum expression of the inimitable Italian art of distillation in the world. The foreign market continues to show increasing interest in the brandy that gradually proves that it is possible to win more and more interesting niches of value on international markets, without forgetting the domestic market in which, despite the slowdown in the last few years, grappa is increasingly rediscovered as a sensory experience not to be missed, to know, to understand and to enhance as part of our historical and cultural Heritage. The largest showcase of Vinitaly will be an incentive for all producers to be known not just by showing a logo, but inviting every visitor to rest to understand that every drop of Grappa has its own story to tell, from which its character and uniqueness distinguishable from the other brandies and other spirits come. Just doing a promotion centered on the elements of excellence, you can win the challenge".

Source: Cs Grappa National Institute



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VINITALY 2014: the Tour of Italy of Grappa