An even fresher reinterpretation of the classic Pina Colada drink! From bartender Antonio Masi, here is the solution to the summer heat!

BARTENDER : Antonio Masi

50 ml Don Papa Rum
50 ml Batida de Côco Mangaroca
50 ml Colada Mix homemade
1/2 lime squeezed
4 basil leaves
to taste pink peppercorns

Glass : burnia
Garnish : sprig of basil, fresh fruit and sprinkled with pink pepper


To prepare the Colada Mix, mix fresh pineapple with coconut milk in a blender. For the drink, pour the Don Papa Rum, Batida de Côco Mangaroca and other ingredients, including Colada Mix , pink peppercorns and basil leaves, into a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously, pour into the glass, straining with a strainer. Add ice, a sprig of basil for decoration, fresh fruit and a sprinkle of pink pepper for contrast.

From Turin bartender Antonio Masi, co-founder with Luana Bosello, of [lu: ni] Consulenze & Hospitality concept , comes the perfect drink for the summer, combining the fresh tropical flavors of coconut and rum. The Coco drink is a twist of the classic Piña Colada that takes its freshness to extremes with the intent of adding fresh notes and making it more drinkable. Hence the use of basil with its scent and freshness which, combined with Batida de Côco Mangaroca, pineapple and the round and unmistakable flavor of Rum Dom Papa, enhances its aroma. The lime then balances the sugary notes of the fruit and the pink pepper creates the final contrast, prolonging flavor and pleasure. On the one hand, therefore, the Batida de Côco Mangaroca, a creamy and delicate coconut liqueur produced on the basis of the typical Brazilian recipe with milk, alcohol and coconut flavors. But to enhance the taste of the drink, Don Papa, the first premium rum in the Philippines with limited and selected batches characterized by a bouquet with notes of vanilla, honey and candied fruit, a long and enveloping gustatory texture in the finish, which refers to the atmospheres of island of Negros Occidentale, where it is distilled and aged for over seven years in American oak barrels. In the veins of Rum Don Papa you can perceive the extraordinary flora and fauna, the mountains, the volcanoes, the exotic animals and the guerrillas of the past in the hills of this place, also known as Sugarlandia and considered one of the richest and most interesting places in the world .