An ancient Italian distillery and liqueur factory based in Finale Emilia (Modena) for over 200 years, Casoni has been producing liqueurs and spirits distributed in Italy and around the world.

In fact, in these days, it received the Sustainability Award 2021 from Credit Suisse, Kon Group and Forbes, being among the top 11 Italian companies that have made sustainable development an integral part of their DNA, preparing processes, systems and resources in a way to reduce its environmental impact.

"The Earth is the most precious resource we have at our disposal. We must protect and preserve it with commitment and care, day after day", commented the Chairman of the Board Pier Giorgio Pola , head of Casoni together with the shareholders Andrea Fabbri and Paolo Molinari.

The Sustainability Award is a prestigious recognition reserved for those companies that have demonstrated that they are pursuing sustainable , inclusive and stable growth, creating added value also for the community.

"For us at Casoni, sustainability is a strategic value. We have accepted the challenge of innovating, renewing and activating our best resources to transform a concept of virtuous sustainable development into a daily reality, made up of concrete choices and actions", added Pier Giorgio Pola .

Ranked with the highest score in the Environmental category, among the candidate companies with a turnover of less than 250 million, Casoni excels in terms of environmental sustainability .

In fact, the 2021 Sustainability Award recognizes Casoni the merit of having achieved particularly high performances in terms of efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources and the integration of environmental protection in the management of logistics and the supply chain. .

"The climate emergency, the green economy, the concept of circular economy, but also the importance of energy efficiency and renewable sources are all well-rooted concepts in our company. Casoni's ETHICAL SPIRIT translates into environmental certifications, in many eco-sustainable measures developed in recent years such as, in particular, photovoltaic systems and the use of energy from renewable sources. Furthermore, we must not forget our solidarity and social collaborations that have always distinguished us. Because for us doing business means also to create ADDED VALUE for the COMMUNITY and for FUTURE GENERATIONS ", concluded the Chairman of the Board Pier Giorgio Pola.

The Sustainability Award is aimed at 100 Italian companies with a turnover of between € 10 and 600 million with a propensity for innovation and sensitive to the theme of sustainable development, social responsibility and respect for the environment. In particular, the company areas investigated for the award of the recognition were:

  • environmental impacts (direct and indirect), as well as ecological compensation projects;
  • social impacts , with a focus on the fight against poverty and hunger in the world, gender equality and the reduction of inequalities:
  • governance , in favor of more transparent governance models open to the active contribution of investors.