A prestigious packaging to tell the Italian roots of an exceptional product.

Thus was born the project for 207 Amaro Locale , an exceptional liqueur that has deep Italian roots, which wants to tell the territorial peculiarities and belong to the different places and different people of our territory. There are 207 saffron bulbs that the Dominican friar Santucci, in the thirteenth century, had brought with him from Spain to L'Aquila, making it a typical cultivation of the Abruzzo area; so today the sweet aroma of the typical spice of these places is the protagonist of the liqueur and mixes with the fresh and almost spicy flavor of the Pancalieri mint from Piedmont to finish with the Mediterranean and citrus scents of the sweet orange peels from Calabria and the lemons from Sicily .

207 then, in its spiritual interpretation, is the symbol of the passage from one life cycle to another, of harmony and balance in one's existence, the pleasure of "doing" with respect and benefit for others, the predisposition to conviviality, the desire to share and learn about others.

The customer's need

Pernod Ricard Italia was looking for the right partner to enhance a product that is a tribute to the modern concept of Italian amaro and to concretely interpret the values of "Made in Italy" but also of the "Italian way", that is, that very particular way of approaching the territory and to the life that is typical of Italians.

Born after long research aimed at combining aromas from different areas of the Bel Paese, the final product intends to propose a national taste, enhancing the Italian contradictions, between sweetness and bitterness, modernity and history.

“To enhance such a unique blend we needed someone who could enhance it through an innovative idea and a realization followed step by step and developed in perfect synergy. Berlin Packaging was able to listen to our needs and offer us a 360° service, developing a project that gives our amaro an exclusive appearance and elegance” says Alessia Ferro, Head of Marketing - Italian brands of Pernod Ricard.

The solution: Berlin Packaging's simple and elegant interpretation

The goal was to be able to elevate the product with a tailor-made packaging solution. Studio One Eleven , the true innovation engine of Berlin Packaging, designed packaging that reflected the complexity and originality of the product .

"We were thrilled to invite Pernod Ricard to our Milan headquarters to collaborate with our design team who for the occasion prepared six fully dressed and branded samples to show the multiple possible directions to realize the vision of the new brand in times The choice fell on a key product offered by Berlin Packaging, Essence, proposed in amber color to emphasize the craftsmanship of the liqueur, and the design was customized according to the filling and production needs of the final product", says Andrew Sanguinet, Senior Vice President Design & Innovation, EMEA. "In this way the packaging adds value not only to the liqueur, representing its best qualities and the Italian spirit of the bohemian viveur, but also to the company. In fact, our attention is not only paid to excellent design, but also to functionality of the product in line with the complex packaging production methods."

The Essence version for 207 Amaro Locale therefore presents a reworking of the proportions of the shoulder and neck and an area dedicated to the more "protected" decoration to meet the functional and production needs of Pernod Ricard. This was possible thanks to the work that the Studio One Eleven team carried out on the design of the bottle, ensuring a minimal impact on aesthetics but allowing for a greater area of customisation.

The extra touch

"We knew that it was a special project, so we did everything to excite the customer. For Pernot Ricard it was the debut of a new brand and given the deep connection with Italy, we wanted to make the presentation special. We worked on worked closely to design handmade displays and a special on-site bitters tasting experience to celebrate the nationwide launch,” explains Sanguinet.

For dedicated menus signed by the chefs and cocktails by the resident mixologists, the exposure of the bitters was in fact studied through a hexagonal-shaped oak glorifier completed with natural ropes that wrap and hold the bottle . Finally, to give further refinement and further elevate the perception of the product, Studio One Eleven has also created a "bitter experience kit" allowing an even more premium experience of enjoying the liqueur.

“This is the strength of Berlin Packaging: we are able to leverage our extensive experience across all markets and materials to provide something unique and suited to our customers' needs. We are very proud of the result and of the partnership we have built over the years with Pernod Ricard, the final result also on this occasion perfectly represents the quality of the product and the all-Italian history of its origin", concludes Sanguinet.