Cusumano's identity sign interprets Nero D'Avola and Nerello Mascalese in three different territories of the island.

Just like a person ". This is how the brothers Diego and Alberto Cusumano describe the distinctive approach to oenology that takes shape in 6 estates in as many territories with specific characteristics: each with a precise identity where each grape is best expressed. This is confirmed by the three red wines, Disueri, Benuara and Alta Mora Etna Rosso, selected for the autumn table.

Disueri. The Nero d'Avola of Tenuta San Giacomo (Butera, CL). At Tenuta San Giacomo the natural power of the native vines and the elegance and freshness given by the altitude and the calcareous soil rich in white trubes find their perfect synthesis in Nero d'Avola . Walking through the rows of this corner of Southern Sicily, you seem to see white nougat everywhere: the earth here is limestone, the sun reverberates like snow, even in summer. The sea is not visible, but it is close (about 10 km) and you can hear it in the wind blowing between the rows at an altitude of 400 meters. There is a strong temperature excursion between day and night and this causes the grapes to maintain a strong acidity. This grape variety emblem of Sicily , in such a particular soil, reaches a full and balanced ripeness. In September, the grapes, grown on the espalier, are harvested manually, in boxes. The yields are low, the result of a rigorous selection: only 60 hectoliters per hectare for Disueri , a juicy and pleasant pure Nero d'Avola .

Benuara. Nero d'Avola meets Syrah at Tenuta Presti e Pegni (Monreale, PA). Tenuta Presti e Pegni is the Sicily of everyone's imagination. Warmth and power, but also great complexity thanks to its soils. This is the home of Cusumano's international vines, especially Syrah. Here the vineyards are located on hills exposed to the sun from sunrise to sunset. To refresh the air comes the sea breeze, about 10 km away, which dissipates the heat. Here the soils are clayey and compact, a factor that gives the wines greater complexity, starting from the color. And it is precisely to the color of a small red flower that grows in spring around the Mediterranean that Benuara owes its name: the perfect combination of the Sicilian power of Nero d'Avola with the complexity of Syrah that has found in the vineyards of this estate. a dwelling suitable for developing its spicy character .

Alta Mora Etna Rosso. Pure Nerello Mascalese from Etna. The largest volcano in Europe, a symbol of an exciting nature and an ancient and obstinate viticulture, is the place that the brothers Alberto and Diego Cusumano, together with their father Francesco, have chosen to create wines that can express quality and character of a unique territory, giving life to the ALTA MORA project . The Alta Mora Etna Rosso is born from Nerello Mascalese , an indigenous variety grown in espalier and sapling at an altitude of 600 / 800m above sea level: the grapes are harvested by hand in boxes in the second half of October, between the Contrade Verzella, Guardiola , Feud of Mezzo and Solicchiata (Castiglione di Sicilia, CT). The result is an elegant red wine both in its appearance and in its flavor.

Nero d'Avola Disueri and Benuara are presented in theCusumano online shop in a case of 3 bottles (2 of Disueri 2019 and 1 of Benuara 2017, at the link x3 / ) or in a case of 6 bottles (3 3, at the link ), respectively at 33.50 and 67.50 euros. As for Alta Mora Etna Rosso, the 2017 vintage is proposed on the site in the magnum format (1.5 l) in a wooden box at a cost of 40 euros ( -etna-red-2017 / ).


  • Sicily DOC
  • Grapes: Nero d'Avola 100%

From a selection of grapes from the Tenuta San Giacomo vineyards, a juicy and pleasant Nero d'Avola.


  • Sicily DOC
  • Grapes: Nero d'Avola 70%, Syrah 30%

Nero d'Avola in a complex, refined guise marries Syrah. Elegance and drinkability from the vineyards of Tenuta Presti and Pegni.

Alta Mora Etna Rosso

  • Etna Rosso DOC
  • Grapes: 100% Nerello Mascalese

Nerello Mascalese in purity, the power of the volcano expressed in its main vine, the son of a heroic, mountain viticulture.

All Cusumano wines make use of the SOStain / VIVA “Sustainable Wine” certification . The common denominator of the diversity and uniqueness of Cusumano wines, in fact, is the commitment to sustainable viticulture that arises from the sentiment and ethical obligation to protect resources, limiting their waste. A research that translates into actions compliant with the SOStain protocol , the sustainability program for Sicilian viticulture, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and recognized by the Ministry of the Environment, Territory and Sea, through the VIVA sustainability project

CUSUMAN. Founded by Alberto and Diego Cusumano in 2001 in Partinico where it is based, it produces elegant and identity wines in five estates: Ficuzza in Piana degli Albanesi in the province of Palermo, San Giacomo in Butera (Caltanissetta), Presti and Pegni on the hills of Monreale, Monte Pietroso in Monreale, San Carlo in Partinico (Palermo). In 2013 the Cusumano family created Alta Mora by enclosing the districts of Guardiola, Pietramarina, Verzella, Feudo di Mezzo and Solicchiata sull'Etna under a single new brand.