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Assovini Sicilia: "Alcohol and health, yes to responsible consumption"

The fight against abuse is fought with education and the culture of conscious drinking in quantity and quality - Laurent de la Gatinais, president of Assovini Sicilia.

"Assovini Sicilia promotes the responsible consumption of wine by enhancing its history, its culture, the protection of the territories and its economic value" - says Laurent de la Gatinais, president of Assovini Sicilia, regarding the debate on the green light for Ireland to insert "health alerts" on all labels of alcoholic products.

" I don't think it is necessary to put a stamp to solve the problem of abuse. Other examples have not been decisive, if not to make the consciences of the European bureaucrats and the promoting states feel good".
"In the case of spirits, including wine, we must remember that they are products linked to the culture and history of European regions and peoples. Like Calvados, Armagnac and Cognac in France, Whiskey in Ireland and Scotland, Distillate in Germany , Grappa in Italy, Beers and Ciders in Northern and Central Europe.It is a historical and cultural value for all of Europe that should not be demonized but valued and known, especially by young people, in the same way as excellent food. on the latter there is, unfortunately, an attempt to stigmatize quality with stamps and scores.It is culture and knowledge, the basis of changes in consumer habits.
Let's not forget that quality food and wine products also represent the conservation and protection of vast geographical areas, of unique territories, which are everyone's heritage " - continues de la Gatinais.
Ireland will be able to insert warnings such as "the consumption of alcohol causes liver disease" and on the risk of consumption during pregnancy, warnings similar to those found on cigarette packets on alcohol labels. The go-ahead came after Ireland notified the regulation on so-called "health warnings" for wine, beer and spirits to the European Commission last June. After the moratorium period, without encountering opposition from the European executive body, the go-ahead was made official in recent weeks.
According to the latest 2021-22 data, exports represent over 50% of the sales of Assovini Sicilia members . Europe is the first destination market for 45% of associates, followed by America (31%), Asia (16%), Oceania (6%), Africa (2%).
" I don't think health warnings are a threat to Sicilian wine exports - continues de la Gatinais . I would like the European Union to provide a unified, mature and conscious response without leaving the issue in the hands of individual states, generating uneven and misleading messages "I would like to see a first nutriscore on Acheta domesticus and Tenebrio Molitor, on which Europe has been very streamlined regarding authorization in the food chain. For me, the Grillo remains what I drink in the glass " - concludes de la Gatinais .




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Assovini Sicilia: "Alcohol and health, yes to responsible consumption"