All the associates gathered for the tasting of the previews, a virtuous appointment through which the producers check the quality standards of their wines.

On 14 March, the Nice Producers Association met in the Sala del Nizza de L'Enotecaria for the En Primeur tasting . During this periodic appointment, the association meets to "blind" taste the previews of the wines produced by the members and verify the suitability of the quality standards. This year, most of the wines tasted were Nizza 2020 and Nizza Riserva 2019 , for a total of 66 previews .

" This year's En Primeur tasting " explains the President Stefano Chiarlo "has highlighted a surprising homogeneity of the quality level, a characteristic that rarely unites all the producers within a denomination. Furthermore, what we witness, it is a further general increase in quality, which year after year, is taking Nice to the top of excellence. "

From a technical point of view, Nizza docg 2020 presents itself with intense olfactory characters of red fruits of rare elegance, sweetness and precision together with a gustatory personality of extreme harmony and softness .

Nizza Riserva 2019, on the other hand, amazes for its complex, elegant bouquets , characterized by small fruits with particular spices that make it one of the most structured vintages , with character and certainly with considerable longevity potential . Both vintages were judged to have five-star quality.

This En Primeur tasting is a virtuous protocol, inserted within the disciplinary since the establishment of the association in 2002 with the aim of maximizing the achievement of the high quality objectives of the wines with the "Nizza DOCG" denomination, identifying even small organoleptic imperfections judged out on a limb. At the end of the tasting, each producer receives an anonymous response with respect to the references presented, thus being able to become aware of the evaluation and decide how to act with respect to it. This year, only 3 out of 66 samples encountered these notes.

" The En Primeur tasting, in addition to judging the quality of the wines, is always a very constructive occasion for the Association " continues the President Chiarlo " It is a moment of comparison between producers with respect to the evolution trends of the style and characteristics of the vintages "

Significant trends that emerged during the meeting were the percentage reduction in the use of new wood for the aging of wines, the increase in wines that make use of large capacity barrels and the introduction of a larger number of Nizza labels which will be added to the range of associated manufacturers .

On the occasion of the annual tasting, all members are obliged to present the samples of the previews and can participate in the tasting which is guided (in turn) by one or more members of the Association designated by the President.

This cooperative protocol is a source of pride for the Association, an opportunity that unites producers by making them participants in a process of self-determination and certification. Furthermore, to date, the results of the En Primeur tastings carried out have been very positive, confirming the validity of the method adopted.