In five years, Asolo's bubbles have grown by 114% and have reached the historic result of 27 million bottles.

In a wine scene that is experiencing a sharp slowdown almost everywhere, the star of Asolo Prosecco shines, which is preparing to close a new year with double-digit growth: the forecasts of the Protection Consortium indicate an increase of 13% at the end of 2023 compared to last year , reaching the historic record of 27 million bottles . Over the last five years, development has been unstoppable: compared to 2018, the rise is as much as 114%, with an increase of 15 million bottles compared to 12 million five years ago. The result is even more extraordinary if we take into consideration the current climate of uncertainty in the national and international winemaking scenario.
“The secret of the success of Asolo Prosecco – explains Ugo Zamperoni , president of the Protection Consortium – is in the expression of its strong territorial imprint: our bubbles are ambassadors in the world of art, history, culture and, not to be lastly, of the traditions of Asolo and its hills, places of indescribable beauty that over the centuries have been able to seduce many influential personalities, from Caterina Cornaro to Eleonora Duse, from Robert Browning to Freya Stark. What rewards us, even in a difficult economic situation like the one Italian wine is going through, is undoubtedly the work dedicated to the quality of the producers of the denomination , combined with the strong sense of belonging to the territory and the indisputable identity of Asolo Prosecco ".
In consideration of the trend in demand, which remains strong, as well as the very favorable qualitative outcome of the latest harvest, the Asolo Prosecco Consortium requested and obtained from the Veneto Region the activation of the harvest reserve, an expansive measure also adopted in last years with the aim of having all the tools available to satisfy the demands of the domestic and international market. “The outlook is decidedly positive – underlines Zamperoni –, with signs of a further increase in demand, supported by the promotional activities of the Consortium, both in Italy and abroad. Let us therefore toast to a 2023 full of recognition and raise our glasses to 2024, with the hope that the new year will be equally extraordinary and that the star of Asolo Prosecco will continue to shine".