From January 2021 Alessandro Cellai, an oenologist of Tuscan origins who worked for 25 years for the companies of the Castellare group, will arrive at the Vallepicciola company in Castelnuovo Berardenga (Si), an articulated reality in Chianti Classico of 265 hectares of which 105 are vineyards and 4,000 olive trees. as an oenologist, general manager and managing director.

"I am honored and proud to be able to start this new adventure that struck me for the people who are part of it, for the vineyards and for the wonderful winery that I consider one of the most functional currently in Italy. I thank the owner Bruno Bolfo and Managing Director Alberto Colombo for giving me this great opportunity It has been a great pleasure to work for 25 years with Dr. Panerai, owner of the Castellare Group, with whom I will now maintain an external collaboration.
Vallepicciola, from 2021, will be my new challenge and I am more than certain that I will be able to do an excellent job, thanks to the professionalism of the staff who will support me, the quality of the vineyards and the land surrounding the company, and the splendid cellar . Also in Vallepicciola I will bring my way of conceiving wine and I will do my utmost to give life to wines that tell the territory, the vine and the soul of those who produce it, the three cornerstones of Giacomo Tachis' philosophy, which was for me the greatest teacher ".

Alberto Colombo, CEO of Vallepicciola, owned by the Bolfo family, comments: "We are very pleased to welcome Alessandro as the new General Manager. In a time of great changes for our market, his global vision and a deep knowledge of the sector will be very precious to continue the development of the company, preserving its uniqueness and the excellence of its wines. Thanks to his deep experience in Chianti Classico and as a great enthusiast and connoisseur of Pinot Noir, a vine in which we have invested a lot, Alessandro is the ideal person for Vallepicciola's future challenges and to continue the pursuit of excellence in wine production.
Therefore, the collaboration with Dr. Riccardo Cotarella ends, whom I would like to thank for the important role he played in helping Vallepicciola to start up its business
, including the construction of the new winery and the implementation of correct working methods. "
As regards the technical part, Alessandro Cellai will be joined in the cellar by Erasmo Mazzone and in the vineyard by Francesco Beni who have been working in Vallepicciola for years.

Vallepicciola currently produces two classic method bubbles, one from pinot noir and one from chardonnay, a white from chardonnay grapes, a rosato from pinot noir, three Chianti Classico and four wines from international grapes, as well as grappa, Vinsanto and oil.

The winery, which has seen a 6-year project behind it, is a structure of 6000 square meters in full synergy with the territory that hosts it, consisting of two underground floors, in which all the phases of wine production take place, and a above ground, in which wood and corten blend together creating a warm and modern environment, where there is the wine shop, with large windows overlooking the Chianti area, two tasting rooms, one of which is larger also suitable for meetings, and the administrative offices.
Vallepicciola extends for 265 hectares, among woods, vines and olive trees with which a Tuscan extra virgin olive oil is produced from the moraiolo, leccino and frantoio varieties.
The hectares of vines are 105 and see the presence of the king of Tuscan vines, Sangiovese, and international vines such as pinot noir, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, petit verdot and chardonnay.