Thanks to the maturing in a single plot, a natural amphitheater embroidered by terraces of vineyards that further enhance the characteristics of the area, magnificently exposed to the south between 400 and 500 meters above sea level.

The label that dresses the bottles of Tenuta PERANO recalls the Heraldic Coat of Arms of the Frescobaldi placed on the family palace from 1.250 AD and contains three elements to testify the values of the House: the LION for the nobility of sword and soul, the ELMO for its military chivalric origin and FORTUNE holding a sail, swollen, symbol of commerce, with the phrase Spera in Deo to testify to the Christian extraction of the family.

The PERANO estate, unique for its amphitheater-like grounds, hosts vineyards characterized by different and complementary soil and climatic conditions, enclosed in a single body with three souls, each destined to produce a different wine of the Chianti Classico: the Vintage , the Reserve and Rialzi Chianti Classico Gran Selezione , or the CRU single vineyard. The soils are rich in skeleton, with varying percentages of clay, silt, Alberese rock, galestro and Chianti boulder, conditions that lead the vine to adapt even to the scarcity of water and organic matter.

" Rialzi is the symphony of Tenuta Perano. It brings you on tiptoe, it does not welcome you immediately, but already at the first sip you immediately understand its beauty and personality - says President Lamberto Frescobaldi , who adds - in Rialzi there is a very fine tannic texture, an infinite depth, the son of the 550 meters where the vineyard is located and where a meticulous work is done to have a very precise wine. This wine is a dream chased for years. From Tenuta Perano, strongly desired by all my family, we chose the Rialzi vineyard, which rises from the others thanks to three characteristic natural steps. A Grand Selection that, as the name says, reminds me every day of the continuous commitment to excellence ".

"The 2016 season at Tenuta Perano was represented by a harsh and rainy winter, even of a snowy nature. Winter then gave way to a mild spring. The warmth of the spring days has awakened the vegetation from its winter drowsiness leading to a regular budding, which arrived around April 20, and favored the development of a splendid leaf surface. Already in the first week of June we witnessed the debut of flowering - says Nicolò d'Afflitto , Winemaker and Technical Director Frescobaldi - The hot summer days, well sunny and windy, allowed the vineyard to perform the photosynthetic activity at its best. The veraison colored the bunches of Tenuta Perano in August, a period during which two beneficial rains occurred preparing the grapes with perfect maturity and succulence. The wonderful harvest, which began in mid-October, allowed us to bring the n Sangiovese grapes cellar of exceptional quality. The 2016 vintage gave an extraordinary wine in terms of intensity of aromas and structural richness ".

Under the coordination of the technical director Nicolò d'Afflitto all the staff of Tenuta Perano, made up of young people between 30 and 40 years of age, works on an area that extends over 250 hectares , of which 60 are planted with vines and is mainly located in the Municipality of Gaiole in Chianti . The varieties are 90% Sangiovese and in small percentage Canaiolo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


A pure Sangiovese, with a strong and extremely elegant soul, vibrant but never exuberant. His is an intense and brilliant ruby red color. The bouquet is complex and harmonious: hints of berries, violet and spices are the pre-eminent descriptors; followed by roasted notes of coffee bean and tobacco which reinforce the idea of a structured Sangiovese even more. On the palate it is marked by unparalleled wealth and depth; its texture is dense, the soft and round tannins are perfectly integrated. Persistent and clear on the finish.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Bordolese (0.75), Magnum (1.5 l), Double Magnum (3)