Dop tastings among the most hidden paths of the Primitivo di Manduria lands
Dop tastings among the most hidden paths of the Primitivo di Manduria lands

Dop tastings among the most hidden paths of the Primitivo di Manduria lands

Exclusive itineraries surrounded by the artistic and naturalistic beauties of enchanting places. From July to September - 23 July, 6 August, 27 August, 3 September - at the start of the 4 stages (Taranto - Brindisi) of the summer event conceived and organized by the Protection Consortium.

It's time to walk.

On foot along the paths among the historical, naturalistic and, above all, wine-growing beauties, to discover the most beautiful places in Puglia. Comes in summer, the third edition Tra le torri del Primitivo di Manduria , the event with which the Consorzio di Tutela invites wine lovers to participate in the exclusive itineraries with tastings scheduled from the end of July to September.

Four experiences that will allow you to discover even the most hidden monuments and the less traveled nature trails. And then oil mills, boat trips, museums and rock churches. The occasion is the right one, the pandemic has definitively changed the paradigm of the journey that was already undergoing transformation. We return to travel on foot, as pilgrims or ancient wayfarers: it is time to walk.

An opportunity to take a break in contact with nature, discovering food and wine traditions and cultural attractions that guarantee real gems to be discovered on foot. The initiative will take place in complete safety, with activities appropriate to the provisions for combating Covid19. All events are free and open to a maximum of 50 participants, so it is necessary to book by email at

Each individual participant will be entitled to only one booking for one of the 4 scheduled stages. The cultural and archaeological peculiarities of each appointment will be told by a guide and, at the end of each route, the event will be enriched by a tasting offered by the companies of the Protection Consortium. Finally, participants will be given a kit of typical products in organic bags, by Slow Food Puglia.

With the green and eco-sustainable welcome and the possibility of discovering places of great charm among the expanses of vineyards and the sea, here is the opportunity to get to know Puglia with a different approach.

Among the Primitivo towers of Manduria this year it avails itself of the patronage of the Agri-food Resources Department of the Puglia Region.


23 July: Saline Monaci and Torre Colimena (Manduria, Taranto);

6 August: Museum of oil and wine and historic center (Sava, Taranto);

27 August: Rock church and visit to the vineyards (San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Taranto);

3 September: Underground oil mill and historic center (Torre Santa Susanna, Brindisi)

Culture, food, wine and tourism: welcome to the territory

of the Primitivo di Manduria

A unique journey between land and sea, punctuated by dry stone walls built, and maintained, with painstaking patience, which limit thousands of plots cared for with passion and centenary patience. Expanses of mostly sapling vineyards, in the most modern, ordered and sequential forms and in the most ancient, disordered and irregular forms. Vineyards that reach the sea, olive trees that alternate with vineyards, churches, palaces and farms.

It is the territory of the Primitivo, the vine that matures prematurely and is harvested at the end of August and which has, like very few other examples, a geographical area with a cultural and folkloristic imprint that runs south-east from Taranto. The area of the primitivo which has its culmination in Manduria, in the more distant province of Taranto, also embraces Talsano, San Giorgio Jonico, Carosino, Monteparano, Leporano, Pulsano, Faggiano, Roccaforzata, Lizzano, Fragagnano, San Marzano di San Giuseppe, Sava, Torricella, Maruggio, Avetrana and, in the province of Brindisi, Oria, Erchie and Torre Santa Susanna.

Today Primitivo di Manduria binds, supports and enhances this whole territory: the Protection Consortium gathers a team of 60 wineries and is called to protect this great protected designation of origin which, for some years now, has established itself among the admirers and it is now widespread worldwide.

In these lands, wine tourism enthusiasts will be able to appreciate the ancient farming practices and modern winemaking techniques also thanks to tours in the vineyards that the various wineries offer. in addition to the various tastings combined with good local food. The link between wine and territory is very close, which gives these places a particular charm, which tells an ancient story and smells of tradition.

There are many possible itineraries: naturalistic (the marine reserves of the Salina dei Monaci in Torre Colimena, the Campomarino Dunes, the Palude del Conte, the protected areas of the Chidro and Burraco rivers, the protected area of the Bosco di Cuturi and Rosamarina ), cultural (rock churches, Basilian caves, archaeological sites of Magna Graecia and the fascinating pre-Roman civilization of the Messapi, the Baroque, etc.), folkloristic and local traditions (various festivals and processions including the rites of Holy Week, the grape harvest festival, the bonfires of San Giuseppe) and food and wine events with musical performances, without forgetting Calici di Stelle and Cantine Aperte.





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Dop tastings among the most hidden paths of the Primitivo di Manduria lands