Albarossa, an indigenous variety born from the cross between Barbera and Nebbiolo di Dronero, cultivated with passion and dedication by Colle Manora, is attracting the attention of operators and wine lovers for its identifying and distinctive characteristics.

This variety lends itself not only to being enjoyed young but also to age beautifully.

Valter Piccinino, oenologist from Colle Manora , enthusiastically shared the twentieth anniversary of the planting of the first Albarossa cuttings in Colle Manora: “The first plantings were in 2003 and this year we celebrate 20 years of the Albarossa vineyard . The evolution is positive because the vineyard is now fully mature”.

It is no coincidence that the prestigious Mundus Vini wine competition awarded Colle Manora's Albarossa Ray DOC with the gold medal for the second consecutive year . This news is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship that Colle Manora invests in the production of its Albarossa: "Let's say that prizes are always a pleasure, it's a stimulus to improve. If we have won the prize twice in a row, we are probably entering the right path” commented Piccinino.

The 2023 harvest at Colle Manora was characterized by challenges and changes due to anomalous weather conditions and was brought forward by approximately twenty days compared to average, confirming a trend of early vintages.

Despite the difficulties, the harvest brought good results, with a quality of the grapes that met expectations . However, production volumes are lower than average due to adverse weather conditions.

The company has taken a proactive approach, using winemaking techniques suited to the conditions of the vintage, including early morning harvesting, the use of dry ice and shorter macerations. For the future, further adaptations in vineyard management techniques are expected to cope with ongoing climate changes.