Wine tourism 4.0: marketing and digitalization, levers of business success
Wine tourism 4.0: marketing and digitalization, levers of business success

Wine tourism 4.0: marketing and digitalization, levers of business success

Blinkup, with the collaboration of the Dama Castellana Association and the patronage of Coldiretti Treviso, has organized a free conference together with Kaos Marketing that opens the EnoConegliano Veneto Wine Stars event on 24 September 2021 from 17.30 to 19.30 at the former Convento San Francesco di Conegliano to discuss with experts on the future of wine tourism.

The winning trends told by communication and strategy experts

The meeting will deal with important issues, from the concept of simplifying the complexity in the implementation of digital strategies for all the realities of the territory to the opportunities given by wine tourism for the economic restart of the areas most affected by the post-covid-19 crisis.

The conference, entitled "En oturis m or 4 .0: m ar k eti ng and digitization of business success levers" will be opened by Elio Ceschin, the n representative of the Association Dama Castellana EnoConegliano hosting the event in the beautiful old convent San Francesco di Conegliano illustrating the agenda, the speakers and the topics covered. The first speaker will see the intervention of Luca Colussi - Responsabile prov . The farm, food tourism and contact Wine Coldiretti Treviso with a speech entitled "The hospitality in the cellar between past and future, opportunities eno professional tourism" that as an expert in the field of wine tourism for knowledge of national legislation, applicable in business realities and correlation with rural “multifunctionality” activities, aims to highlight the importance of an innovative and different approach in the wine tourism offer compared to historical experience. In addition to addressing the important issue on the future of post Covid-19 wine tourism, it will show data on the value of wine in Italy , the potential related to wine tourism in the Italian tourism context, what the wine tourist is looking for and how the requests of wine lovers change. .

Edoardo Dal Negro - CEO Blinkup Srl will speak with a focus on Digital Marketing and in the implementation of digital strategies showing the winning trends of digital evolution and the methods of application of the same in the field of wine tourism, a strategic sector in which - due to of the great inhomogeneity of existing realities - the digital evolution must be simple, adaptable, effective and accessible. With the title "simplification of complexity as a key to recovery" to address the simplification it will therefore not be necessary to hyper-focus on a specific area or channel but proper monitoring and balancing fundamental digital touchpoints industrial reality with the Customer Journey of your sector and target audience, defining a clear Action Strategy with tactics, actions and performance indicators in order to cover as many points of contact as possible. The restart as a simplification of digital strategies aimed at communicating effectively with the new consumer through competent personnel, digital marketing experts, companies able to help industrial realities in this simplification. Simplifying complexity will therefore not only be a key to understanding but a methodology for an efficient restart that sees constant supervision of the entire

customer journey by defining specific actions in compliance with regulations within a

context in great change, now and in the future.

Anna Zannino - CEO Kaos Marketing - taking up the concept of simplifying complexity to clarify one's priorities, one's objectives and consequently realign resources and commitments. In the more than 20 years in which Kaos Marketing has dealt with marketing and territorial marketing, she has highlighted how too often “pursuing too many goals, thinking of hitting some on quantity is not only expensive but dispersive and frustrating for the organization”. The crisis pandemic has also created the need, but also opportunities in some ways, to rethink, re m odellare its business on the needs, expectations and consumer purchasing behavior that the crisis itself has changed irrevocably.

The crucial questions for the company and the entrepreneur, never more than in this moment of great transition, become: how current is my offer, not only in terms of product or service, but of "modality" of proposal, of communication, to dialogue with my interested audience? What, between what I do and offer commercially, it is more interesting for my market potential? What, of what I have to offer is for the benefit?

"Simplifying complexity, from a strategic point of view, therefore means for the company to have the courage to question itself , looking at itself with the eyes of its client (the current and the potential one)." Only a company capable of making this change of perspective and modeling itself accordingly can approach the opportunities of digitization with realistic awareness and expectations.

The speech by Enrico Ciciliani - Innovative Solut i ons M a r ket i ng M anage r Voda f one Bus i ness will conclude the series of interventions, which will tell about some successful cases of Vodafone Business dedicated to SMEs.

To register for the event: marketing-and-digitization-levers-of-business-success-172794251257

More information: 0_marketing_e_digitalizzazione_leve_de_successo_aziendale /

Blinkup S. r . l .

Blinkup was founded in 2015 with the aim of helping small and medium-sized enterprises to grow by bringing their digitalization in step with the times and supporting them in defining a clear digital strategy.

From 2017 the company expands and is taken over by the current partners with the aim of operating

in different sectors with specific focus in the tourism and wine sector.

Since 2020 the company has focused on its Strategic Approach for the constant growth of SMEs, which has now become its identifying trademark and developing consulting projects in the digital field and advanced training.

In 2021 Blinkup finalizes the training project, completing it with multi-sector verticalizations and building on the experience gained by its founders. Strategic partnerships are created in different areas to strengthen the different areas in order to guarantee a complete offer: from the definition of distribution strategies to the digitization of SMEs.




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Wine tourism 4.0: marketing and digitalization, levers of business success