A refuge against the bombings of the Second World War discovered by chance, two years of careful work in synergy with the Fine Arts, a hidden space in the Historic Cellar of the Montepulciano company that becomes a suggestive tasting place.

In the basement of Palazzo Tarugi and Palazzo Sinatti, in front of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, something unexpected happens: between the niches and vaults of the Historic Cellar of Fattoria della Talosa , where the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is aged in large oak barrels , an ancient hidden place finds the light after a meticulous recovery work, which lasted over two years and carried out in synergy with the Fine Arts.

A space used as a refuge against bombing during the Second World War, which today becomes a fascinating tasting room carved into the rock . Here, among galleries and suggestive tuff caves, winelovers will be able to discover the historic labels of Fattoria della Talosa, which they can buy or taste through guided tours or verticals of specific vintages for the most passionate.
Tastings with old vintages accompanied by local products, but also corporate meetings and private meetings, in absolute privacy.

"Despite the difficulties of the past months - comments Edoardo Jacorossi, CEO of Fattoria della Talosa - we have always looked to the future with confidence and decided to invest even more in hospitality: today, it is once again possible to taste a glass together, we are proud to be able to offer visitors this exciting wine experience. The very delicate works we have carried out allow us to enjoy this beautiful space and to enhance Talosa's wine tourism offer so as to allow enthusiasts to get to know this territory and those places better. which have made the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano an oenological reference point for our country ".

The new room is accessed from the Historic Cellar in Via Talosa, in the heart of Montepulciano, and step by step, 15 meters underground , you arrive in a special place: "We were able to bring this space back to light thanks to the passionate story of one of our nearby, an elderly man who as a child lived the tragedy of the war and played in what are now the niches of our Historic Cellar - explains Michele Merola, general manager of Fattoria della Talosa -. We took old papers and plans and asked ourselves if, indeed, there was a passage beyond the wall that closed the tunnel of historical bottles with the exit of the cellar. In synergy with the Fine Arts, we were authorized to carry out essays, excavations, investigations and starting from an opening already existing, we found an empty room just behind it. We are really proud to be able to offer visitors this new space . "

The new room is also used for the aging of wines and houses a concrete tank for the refinement of Pietrose , a wine produced from 100% Merlot grapes, in its final phase, after aging in wooden barrels and selected barriques for aging. of the new Vino Nobile Chiusino . Today in the Cantina Storica the barrels for the aging of wine continue to be placed, the oldest of which reach 44 years of age from which the first bottle of Vino Nobile of the company was obtained, in 1972.

FATTORIA DELLA TALOSA is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Montepulciano, at an altitude of 350-400 meters above sea level. The company was founded in 1972 by Angelo Jacorossi, president of Talosa, and is now led by the CEO Edoardo Mottini Jacorossi. Fattoria della Talosa extends along 33 hectares of vineyards that produce the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and Riserva, a small production of Nobile di Montepulciano "Filai Lunghi", a selection that can be vinified only when the season allows it, the Rosso di Montepulciano and the "Pietrose", which comes from pure Merlot grapes. Do not forget the Vinsanto and Vinsanto Riserva, a real house specialty. The Cantina Storica, in the center of Montepulciano, welcomes winelovers for visits and tastings, while Villa Talosa is the splendid residence immersed in the vineyards that offers visitors an unforgettable stay.