FIZONACLASSICO, the latest project of the Chianti Classico Oil Consortium for zoning with Web GIS, has been presented. It is an innovative computer system that will make optimal the cultivation of olive groves. The ultimate goal is to ensure excellent quality oil in respect of the land and of consumers.

The FIZONACLASSICO project is part of a Project of Integrated Chain (PIF) that wants to develop an innovative tool for photographing the characteristics of the four production areas of Chianti Classico.

The system collects geological and microclimatic data integrating them with the time series of climate data, cadastral data, aerial photos of the land business and the chemical characteristics of the oils analyzed since 2000.

The preliminary study lasted 18 months and ended in 2014 with the achievement of truly innovative results. FIZONACLASSICO made the zoning of olive groves possible, identifying the differences with the aim of helping to make more targeted technical choices. We want to guide the oil producer in the care of plants in order to produce the prestigious Chianti Classico gem in all its splendour.

General objectives of FIZONACLASSICO

1. To raise the quality of extra virgin olive in press applying the immediate filtration of the product;

2. To sort through zoning olive groves and the areas of the Chianti Classico DOP;

3. To identify the tools in order to rationalize the existing plants, to project new plants, to customize at enterprise level agronomic interventions reducing the environmental impact.

Innovations for quality

A precise study of the zoning, of phenomena, of critical issues and of the opportunities related to the different areas you can identify the tools to rationalize the existing facilities, to project new plants reducing the environmental impact. Initiatives of this type offer concrete tools to improve the productive life of olive growers, to improve the oil that reaches the tables of consumers.