The best wineries in Alessandria.

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VIA CAIRO, 10 15039
Ozzano Monferrato (Alessandria)

Produciamo vini di qualità tipici del Monferrato da generazioni, unendo modernità e tradizione

Located in the heart of Piedmont, in the Monferrato, the Angelini Paolo Agricultural Company consists of 40 hectares planted with vineyards on land that varies from the most calcareous to the most...


Via Marconi, 92 15040
Lu (Alessandria)

Tradition, passion and dedication combined with a land like Monferrato can just give rise to a high quality product. And it is exactly the constant pursuit of quality that enabled the Casalone...


Località S. Pietro, 2 15060
Tassarolo (Alessandria)

San Pietro Estate is one of the historic companies of production of Gavi DOCG Wine, situated on the Hills of Tasarolo 300 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 60 hectares, of which 30 are...


Strada per Rovereto, 170/r 15066
Gavi (Alessandria)

What strikes coming at La Scolca Estate, in addition to the ancient tower overlooking the house, the pleasantness of the atmosphere that is felt, everything takes place in harmony and with the...


Regione Spagna, 58 15010
Alice Bel Colle (Alessandria)

In Piedmont, in north–western Italy, in the heart of the rolling hills of High Monferrato in the Province of Alessandria, the Ca Bianca Winery is located, in Alice bel Colle near the town of...


Frazione Monterotondo, 56 15066
Gavi (Alessandria)

Villa Sparina includes 100 hectares of property, 70 of which are planted with native vines dedicated to the production of the Gavi and Barbera wines. And if it is true that great wines are made...


Loc. Pedaggeri, 59 15066
Gavi (Alessandria)

This historical family run company, with a long tradition and a real point of reference for the territory, was founded in 1945. To see the first bottling we have to wait until 1970. Now, dad...


Via San Rocco, 23 15060
Castelletto d'Orba (Alessandria)

Tacchino Raffalele farm sells only wine of its own production, for this reason the amount varies over the years depending on the weather trend, just as happened to our ancestors.Therefore, wine is...


Via Vittorio Veneto, 76 15019
Strevi (Alessandria)

The wine choice presented by the company is always extensive. After all, with its numbers it can boast a range, even qualitative, of very high level within the Piedmont landscape. Also this year,...

CONTATTA & PRENOTA G. Capsoni, 10 15059
Monleale (Alessandria)

Walter Massa comes from a family that has always devoted itself to the cultivation of vines in the Tortona area, a wine–producing territory that in the past was famous for its two grapes...


Strada Comunale Vho, 7 15057
Tortona (Alessandria)

My name is Elisa and I have the pleasure to welcome you at Colombera. We are in the small village of Who, only 5 km far from Tortona. Our 20 hectares of vineyards are located close to the wineries...


Via Sant'Andrea, 5 15051
Castellania (Alessandria)

Wines are the combination of modern vinification techniques and the care and competence that only who loves and has always known these vineyards can give. The production can be defined...


Via Marconi, 14 15038
Ottiglio (Alessandria)

This year the Ottiglio Monferrato company presents a more complete range, with two Monferrato, a red and a white wines of good structure and balance, where international vine varieties, Pinot Nero...


Località Castello di Uviglie 15030
Rosignano Monferrato (Alessandria)

In 1992 the Estate of the Castle was purchased by Simone Lupano, who re–launched vine cultivation – began as well as five centuries before, in 1491, by the Pico–Gonzaga feudatories – in...


Strada per Sarezzano, 29 15057
Tortona (Alessandria)

The agricultural company was founded in 1920 by great–grandfather Bepi, and develops with grandfather Salvatore and father Oreste.In the 90s, Claudio, with the help of his brother Mauro and his...