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An extraordinary opportunity for investors: a renowned winery located between Collio and Colli Orientali is for sale. With seven hectares of vineyards and an annual production of three hundred thousand bottles, the company boasts a turnover of one point five million euros and a gross profit of thirty percent. It includes a modern cellar and a prestigious residence, ideal for expanding into the wine sector.

Italy and Spain in the Wine Competition Italy has overtaken Spain in the ranking of the most competitive wine-growing nations, placing itself in second place behind France. According to AgrexConsulting and France Agrimer, Italian producers have reacted effectively to the post-pandemic inflationary crisis.

Wine Consumption: Prevalence of Whites Wine consumption is changing, with a growing preference for whites, especially among young people. White and rosé wines have overtaken reds, which now represent only forty percent of the market.

Rosso di Montalcino: A Success among Young People Rosso di Montalcino is gaining popularity among Millennials and Gen Z, thanks to its versatility. The Red Montalcino event celebrated forty years of the DOC, discussing future strategies.

Emerging Wine Markets In addition to traditional leaders such as Italy, Spain and France, new markets such as Brazil and India are emerging, showing a growing interest in wine.

Prosecco Conegliano Valdobbiadene: Identity and Territory The new president of the Consortium for the Protection of Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG, Franco Adami, underlines the importance of identity and territory in distinguishing Prosecco.

Italian Wine Market Increasingly Premium Italy confirms itself as the first exporter of wine in quantity and the second in value. The sector is becoming increasingly premium, with significant growth in the trade balance over the past twenty years.

“For winemakers, removal is not the solution” Matilde Poggi, president of Cevi, opposes the measure of removal of wine-growing plants, defending the plurality of points of view and the wine-growing identity.

Wine Suffers from Competition from Other Beverages Despite the competition from other drinks, the consumption of wine outside the home maintains a relevant position, especially among young people, with a growth in sparkling wines and "no and low alcohol" wines.

Italy Triumphs at the Decanter World Wine Awards two thousand twenty four Six Italian wines obtained the title "Best in Show" at the Decanter World Wine Awards two thousand twenty four, confirming the excellence of Italian wine on a global level. Among the winners, the Barolo Bricco San Pietro stands out.

Strategic Partnership for Organic Wine MDM Wine Group and CaesarNet have launched a partnership to address environmental challenges with new sustainable production technologies.

Prosecco: Locomotive of Italian Wine Prosecco continues to drive Italian exports, thanks to incessant promotion in the USA, Asia and Europe.

Dealcolated Wine: An Opportunity with an Expiry Dealcolated wine represents a new frontier, bringing together consumers with religious or health restrictions, but according to Dal Cin, this trend will have an expiry date.

Fine Wine: Market in Decline The market for collectible wines suffered a decline in the first half of 2002, with a decline of minus three point four percent in the Liv-Ex cento index.

Bulk Wine: Growth of White Wines 2024 shows positive signs for the import-export of bulk wine, with a growth in white wines and purchases from the USA.

Irregularities in Agricultural Companies A survey has revealed that sixty-six percent of Italian agricultural companies are irregular, with one worker in three not in compliance.

Viticulture five point zero: Technology and Innovation Companies like that of Maura Satta Flores and Massimiliano Magrini use satellites and AI to manage vineyards, representing the cutting edge of modern agriculture.

The Prosekar War There is tension between the Prosecco Doc and the Karst producers regarding the annexation of Prosekar.

Extension for Wine Promotion Projects The Ministry of Agriculture has extended the deadline for the presentation of wine promotion projects on foreign markets to the fifteenth of July, two thousand and twenty four.

Traceability of Wine Gian Marco Centinaio announces an amendment that improves the digital traceability of Italian wines, improving transparency and quality.

Siddura: Best Italian Winery of the Year The Siddura Winery of Luogosanto was named best Italian winery of the year, thanks to the quality of its wines and the numerous successes achieved.

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