One of the most fascinating rarities on the Italian wine scene: Zibibbo, a white wine produced with Zibibbo grapes, native to the island of Pantelleria.

The island of Pantelleria , between Sicily and Tunisia, is the heart of the production of this vine. So much so that, in 2014, the agricultural practice of the cultivation of sapling vines typical of the island was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site . This recognition underlines the cultural and historical value of this vine and makes the wine produced with it even more precious.

But there's more. Zibibbo, also known as Moscato di Pantelleria , has a fascinating and ancient history. It is said to have been introduced to the island by the Phoenicians and the Arabs, and has adapted so well to the local climate that today it makes up 95% of Pantelleria's wine production.

This wine stands out for its golden color and unmistakable aroma . On the palate, it is sweet and soft, with a unique salty note that reflects its maritime origin. Its minimum alcohol content is 10 degrees, but its flavor is never overwhelming.

Zibibbo di Pantelleria lends itself to a wide range of culinary combinations. With fish dishes it enhances the harmony of flavours. It also goes very well with cheeses , especially Sicilian ones. But the perfect pairing is found in Sicilian pastry desserts , such as cassata, almond paste and cannoli, which match beautifully with the sweet and soft profile of this wine.

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