Wine and fashion, the excellence of Made in Italy meet thanks to Anna Fendi: the astonishing combinations produced are the Flanella with Pinot Grigio, a nice Velvet-Chianti Classico, Plissé Soleil for Chardonnay.

Anna Fendi Venturini presented its exclusive collection of 21 bottles dressed in Italian Style: Italian wines will have ad hoc designed labels and a "nickname" dedicated to fashion, all signed "AFV", who has been dressing for years stylish women in Italy and in the world.

"We do not want to do the vignerons. I am a stylist but this time, instead of designing clothes or bags, I have designed 'clothes' for the wine" So Anna Fendi says at the presentation of an initiative created together with her housband Giuseppe Tedesco. They searched in Italy the right wines accompanied by the master taster Michelangelo Di Toma. "It has been a long and exciting journey - Giuseppe Tedesco says - through the wonders of Vigneto Italia. Choices that are not always easy, and where often the decisive factor is sharing with the producers a philosophy that everyone should feel in order to understand the deep meaning of the whole project".

Anna Fendi says "My housband 'Pino' Tedesco has found all over Italy small wineries that hide stories of passion inside a bottle of wine".

The research led to a careful selection of wines with reserved bottlings that ranges from great reds of Italy such as Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and Amarone and the bubbles of Valdobbiadene and Alta Langa, to white wines such as Soave, Falanghina, Gavi and Vermentino di Gallura, and real "pearls", such as Kerner, Riesling, Castel del Monte Rosato.

It is a collection of wines and spirits, to a total amount of 21, expression of the Italian wine heritage. Each winery has made available to the stylist Anna Fendi a limited quantity of its own production to a total of about 15,000 bottles that can be purchased only online.

"I do not want to be an expert oenologist or chasing the fame of the great families of Italian wines. I am and remain Anna Fendi Venturini - she explains - with flair and passion for beauty. Including wine's. This is why the wines are marked AFV with the initials of my name. Hopefully they will appeal to many people. Starting from the dress and the names borrowed from the world of fashion. Does it seem strange that a bottle can be called "tweed" or "cleavage"? "Alamaro" or "flannel"? "Fard" or "lamé"? I like these names - the designer said - because they belong to my world, to a life spent in atelier, and this new adventure starts right from my past".