At the top of the preferences of Italians for this summer's holidays there are 3 regions: Sardinia , Sicily and Puglia . "But no holidays lying in the sun , rather travel-experiences: also ideal for groups of friends who want to leave together or for those who are alone and want to make new acquaintances ... and - why not - find love too » Points out Emma Lenoci , founder of Vamonos Viaggi Eventi Srl (, who in such a critical moment as this decided to get involved and take risks by launching her OTA (Online Travel Agency).

« The purpose of the trip is to open the mind but also the heart and in this we women are teachers» explains Emma Lenoci .

While most of the operators remained stationary taking advantage of the refreshment points, Emma decided to take a risk and put her decades of experience in the tourism industry to good use, setting up an independent company mainly run by women.

«Socialization, sharing and empathy: this is the future of tourism. And certainly the 'feminine universe is capable of enhancing the destinations more than I can do it than the male "reiterates Emma Lenoci.

Some signs were already there: just think of the popular television program "Donnavventura" , the docu-reality that combines the passion of women for adventure with that for travel , for an extraordinary experience in the most spectacular corners of the planet.

And this is exactly how travel - far or near - that Emma offers on her V amonos- platform: adventure travels designed for those who want to live authentic experiences far from the old stereotypes of travel.

Who is it for? «The target is completely heterogeneous» replies Emma. V amonos- is not in fact a portal dedicated to a specific category, as it could have been that of singles. Of course it is not the right holiday for a family with children, but certainly couples can also appreciate his adventure travels which are changing the concept of travel itself.

In addition to the proximity trips that with the Coronavirus are the most popular - Sardinia, Sicily and Puglia in the lead - for the summer 2021 V amonos- also offers suggestive medium-range destinations such as Mikonos and Formentera , however applying a rigorous protocol Covid-19 because the holiday must above all be a safe holiday.

"Without forgetting the sailing holidays for which we are already fully booked" points out Emma Lenoci , who is now working to be able to shortly increase the available berths and thus cope with this unpredictable demand from Italians.

In short, in the future women will change not only our way of traveling but also and above all that of doing business .

In tourism, women occupy 65% of white-collar jobs and make up 52% of the labor force. Then, however, the female shares decrease as the positions rise : only 36% of women are middle managers and just 20% are managers.