The umbrella brand intended for public bodies and private companies involved in the tourism sector was presented. The consortium companies ready to welcome tourists for the Christmas holidays.

The Umbria Region has commissioned the Armando Testa Agency to develop the new regional Brand System which is expressed in a collective and distinctive brand useful for developing an integrated offer between institutions, bodies, businesses, products, services and productive activities of the territory, such as illustrated by the regional councilor for Tourism Paola Agabiti .
The Consortium will be among the parties to request the free concession of the umbrella brand as early as 2024, becoming an ambassador of aligned and coherent communication , helping to enhance Umbria's receptive talent.
“As a Consortium we are aware of how essential it is to work as a team – states the President of the Consortium for the Protection of Colli del Trasimeno Doc Wines Emanuele Bizzi –. To amplify its effectiveness, cooperation must involve public and private bodies in the area, brought together to compose a team of active and creative players according to their personal vocations and professionalism. Only in this way can we aspire to the ambitious goal of raising the quality and attractiveness of the regional tourism sector".
As illustrated by Councilor Agabiti, 2023 recorded a growth rate for tourism in Umbria between 25% and 26%, with the realistic objective of ending the year with 7 million visitors.
“The member companies of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Doc Colli del Trasimeno – continues Bizzi – are ready to host tourists eager to learn about our history, wines and places of production. The cellar doors will be open until December 31st with various visit and tasting formulas. Wine tourism is a growing sector, both for national and international participation, and is one of the channels through which we are committed to communicating and promoting the regional brand ”.
Precisely in view of the Christmas holidays, the Umbria green heart of Italy umbrella brand was presented and the associated autumn and winter multimedia promotional campaign under the slogan "Umbria, a region for a thousand reasons", an engaging story of the various activities and initiatives that illuminate and enrich the Umbrian hospitality proposal, including that of the Lake Trasimeno area.
Among the most attractive initiatives, inaugurated in December 2019, is Luci sul Trasimeno , which features the largest Christmas tree in the world built on water . It is a work of electrical engineering, unmatched in complexity and beauty, built in Castiglione del Lago (Perugia). 1080 m long, 50 m wide, 2,400 perimeter lights and 250 internal lamps powered by 100% renewable sources, which illuminate the lake for the entire festive period, recreating a magical and memorable atmosphere