Italian wine tourism restarts with Wine Destinations Italia
Italian wine tourism restarts with Wine Destinations Italia

Italian wine tourism restarts with Wine Destinations Italia

A rich program of events for the first edition of the format by the European Sommelier School of Livorno, which focuses on Wine Experience to relaunch the sector.

12 Regions, 27 Terroir, 5 Wine Destinations, 72 Wineries, 4 Consortia, 10 Associations, 21 scheduled events, 9 moderators, 34 guests.

These are the numbers of the first edition of Wine Destinations Italia , scheduled in Livorno from 13 to 14 November at the Cruise Terminal and at the Silos dei Magazzini del Tirreno, a format organized by the Leghorn delegation of the European Sommelier School with the aim of offering concrete help to relaunch of wine tourism . To do this, alongside the many useful meetings to outline the current situation and future prospects of the sector, there is also the possibility of buying real Wine Experiences capable of linking wine and territory, to be experienced in the coming months at the participating companies.

In fact, each of them is asked to offer wine lovers four experiential packages that combine the usual visit and tasting in the cellar with the surrounding tourist offer , thus highlighting the close link that exists between wine and terroir. Easily bookable on site and valid for the whole of 2022, these experiences distinguish Wine Destinations Italia from other themed events, aiming from now on to stimulate the restart of a sector that, on the eve of Covid, moved 15 million people for a estimated value of approximately € 2.65 billion.

The task of taking stock of wine tourism will be up to thirteen conferences , which, starting from the round table "Enosustainable Tourism", will lead the rich audience of experts to deepen theoretical aspects and case histories related to tourist attraction, such as, for example, the role of training, urban and heroic vineyards, the Bolgheri and Montepulciano cases. And the territories will be the other protagonists of the event, thanks not only to the description that the companies will make of them but also to the participation of the Consortia of Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Chianti Rufina, Maremma Toscana and the newborn Consorzio Suvereto and Val di Cornia, to which the Campania delegation of the Wine Tourism Movement will be added. They have the task of binding the many souls that make up their respective terroirs, in a story full of history and culture.

To enrich the proposal dedicated to wine lovers there will also be eight masterclasses organized by in the Silos of the Magazzini del Tirreno area adjacent to the Terminal. Of these, four will be entitled 'A spasso nel tempo con! Only Blindly ', and, as announced by the name itself, will take place blindly, with old vintages of wines of which only the region of production will be known. In another three, two mini-verticals will take shape, the story of which will be entrusted to the producers themselves. At the last one, 'Tuscany vs Piedmont: twenty years later', the task of telling in the glass the evolutionary capacity of six labels from the two regions and produced between 1997 and 2004.

But Wine Destinations also means sustainability , which is expressed in the commitment to choose settings and suppliers with a reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, thanks to a special account opened on the Treedom platform, part of the revenues from registrations and tickets sold will be used to plant trees to offset the CO2 generated during the two days of the event.

From Friday 12 to Sunday 14 the event will also move between the premises of the city of Livorno thanks to the 'Livorno in showcase' project , which will bring both the restaurants belonging to the Vetrina Toscana circuit and those selected by the local delegation of the European Sommelier School to propose an ad hoc menu made with raw materials and local ingredients.

" After almost two years of waiting, wine tourism is finally ready to resume its role as a driving force for the development of the many highly vocational areas in Italy - comments Carmen Licata , SES Livorno delegate - Just to accompany the post-Covid path we have conceived of Wine Destinations Italia, an event that arises from the collaboration of the many private individuals and associations who work every day to ensure that this phenomenon, of fundamental importance for the growth of not only rural economies, fully unfolds its potential. Our hope - he concludes - is to be able to contribute to the restart of the Italian system, with an event capable not only of imagining the future, but of offering a concrete response to that desire for discovery and sociality that the pandemic has repressed for too long ".

For his part, Simone Nannipieri , manager of the event, specifies that " The possibility of buying experiences directly at the fair to live throughout the year to come is the long-awaited sign that the world of wine is ready to restart. Thank you. in the presence of companies and consortia from all over Italy, the many expected visitors will be able to choose the Wine Experience more in line with their expectations, giving shape to a holiday that, starting from a visit to the cellar, opens up to the exploration of the places that host, reiterating, if needed, how close is the relationship between wine and the reference territory ".

The event is organized under the patronage of Mipaaf, the Tuscany Region, the Province of Livorno, the Municipality of Suvereto, the Maremma and Tirreno Chamber of Commerce, the Etruscan Coast Wine and Oil Road.

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Italian wine tourism restarts with Wine Destinations Italia