PRESS TOUR TERRE DEL PRIMITIVO 2013: the oenology of Puglia meets Italian journalists

PRESS TOUR TERRE DEL PRIMITIVO 2013: the oenology of Puglia meets Italian journalists

PRESS TOUR TERRE DEL PRIMITIVO 2013: the oenology of Puglia meets Italian journalists

To discover the wonders of Primitivo, the oenological flagship of Puglia

From 15th to 19th September, "Terre del Primitivo" host Italian journalists for a unique tour to discover the culinary excellences of Magna Grecia. The format of the event is consolidated and this year is dedicated to Primitivo. Then, a prize will be awarded to the best journalistic service that will tell Primitivo and Puglia.

What the Press Tour Terre del Primitivo?

The Press Tour "Terre del Primitivo" is sponsored by the vital Puglia Wine Tourism Movement. The organization has been working for a long time for the promotion of Puglia?s enology: Negroamaro, Nero di Troia, Primitivo. The Wine tour, even this year, is reserved for journalists, writers and opinion leaders who can bring to the forefront of the national public the opportunities of wine tourism, of the natural and cultural heritage of the territory.
In particular, the press tour will take place in the territory of the Primitivo di Manduria. The goal is to raise awareness of the autochthonous grape variety of Puglia highlighting aspects related to the enologic evolution, to the culture and the landscape of the area. Journalists are invited to savor in a deep and targeted way the richness of the region through various experiential activities.
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Press Tour Terre del Primitivo: a driving force for Puglia
This press tour will allow to introduce Primitivo di Manduria, a real flagship of Puglia. The initiative will act as a driving force for the entire Puglia territory thanks to the synergy between organizations, business companies and institutions within the area.
"We are proud to be able to say that this press tour is a demonstration of how a quality project can create a synergistic network among the producers of a territory - says Sebastiano de Corato, president of the Puglia Wine Tourism Movement - Our Consortium has indeed brought together a large group of companies with the aim not only to promote their products and to offer greater visibility to the territory on a national scale, but also to promote the extension of the tourist season even in spring and autumn months, normally considered to be of low season, but extremely interesting and therefore of considerable potential of attraction for tourists."
Primitivo di Manduria - states Ernesto Soloperto, president of the LAG "Terre del Primitivo" - is a well-established and widely known wine, thanks to the work of local companies that have consistently aimed at improving its quality and marketing. On the basis of the success of the initiative two years ago, we are confident that Primitivo even this time will lead to explore all our territory and attract the interest of the journalists our guests. To this puropse, we are certain that it is essential to know the producers personally, to talk to them, to take extreme care in their eyes towards the quality of the product they offer, to understand the stimuli that, day after day, motivate to work not only for their own company, but for the enhancing of the whole wine sector and regional food and wine?.

Councillor and Mayor: from Primitivo the identity and furure of Puglia
Fabrizio Nardoni said about it: ?The elective affinity between vine and land receives the unanimous appreciation of those who visit Puglia. Primitivo is among the natives of Puglia, along with Negroamaro and Nero di Troia, protagonist of that identity track that contributes significantly to represent the places of our beautiful Puglia and which expresses the age-old wisdom of winegrowers, with the aim to to defend, with a passionate labour, high quality and wine peculiarities?.
"The event Puglia Press Tour ?Terre del Primitivo?, sponsored also by the Municipality of Taranto - the mayor Ippazio Stefàno says - has the power to renew the wine heritage to the discovery of the places of culture and tradition of an area that aims to enhance its kaleidoscopic richness of colors and flavours, and gives to the dissemination of knowledge and information a quality proposal for the promotion of the territory. Primitivo is much more than a local grape variety, it is the socio-cultural narrative of our communities, it is the labor of love for the earth, it is the link with tradition, it is the challenge for the future of Italian wine-making sector in strong affirmation and good market position. It is our past, our present and our future. The present is this Press Tour that explores the geography of Primitivo and relies on the work of journalists to tell the passionate and sincere story of a land that for the enormous wine-making potential can defy recession and redeem its leadership role in this rapidly growing sector, just stating the excellence of the territory in the wider national and international scene?.
The journalism prize "Puglia Press Tour Primitivo®"
Connected to the tour is the namesake journalism prize ?Puglia Press Tour Primitivo®", always organized by the PugliaWine Tourism Movement. The competition plans to award a prize to the best journalistic service dedicated to the territory. The second phase of the initiative is the collection and evaluation of transmitted journalistic products and of the articles published on the subject in the period between 1st October 2013 and 31st January 2014. The last phase will be the final awards ceremony that will take place during Vinitaly 2014. The Prize will be reserved for those authors who have expressed the qualities of the Primitivo grape variety, of the area where it arises, and of the wines made from it, emphasizing the tourism opportunities related to the wine and gastronomic heritage of the area.
Click here for the regulations of the journalism prize ?Puglia Press Tour Primitivo®?,
An initiative promoted by the Puglia Wine Tourism Movement
Patronage of the Municipality of Taranto.
Partners of the project: the Puglia Region, Department of Tourism and Department of Agri-Resources and LAG Terre del Primitivo.



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PRESS TOUR TERRE DEL PRIMITIVO 2013: the oenology of Puglia meets Italian journalists