The Consortium will be the protagonist of 4 events in one week in Munich, Hamburg and Vienna. Exports to Germany are holding up but demand changes

It could not be otherwise for the DOC, which has always seen Germans as the greatest enthusiasts in the world and which exports about 40% of the total production to Germanic-speaking countries . Starting from Monday 7 September, for a week, the Consortium will be the protagonist of 4 events that will stop in Hamburg, Munich and Vienna. "The choice to focus on the internal market and Central Europe is dictated not only by the obvious limits imposed on international travel, but by the actual potential that resides in the proximity markets which have shown, over the years, great continuity and loyalty - says the Director of the Consortium Andrea Bottarel - It is necessary to continue to preside over foreign markets, intercepting the changes taking place even in countries such as Germany, a historically "conservative" market, very value-oriented and affordable, where instead there is an acceleration. to the trend towards more ambitious and consumer-oriented brands, promoted on social media and sold through e-commerce, as emerges from a recent Wine Intelligence survey. We therefore need to innovate our communication, integrating live events with digital, as foreseen by the Consortium's strategy and to promote a deeper knowledge of the Denomination in pri place between press and trade ".

The first of the events that will see the Consortium as protagonist will be held on 7 September at the Se7en Oceans in Hamburg, in collaboration with the prestigious Vinum magazine. 22 Lugana vintage 2019 will be the protagonists of a blind tasting reserved for subscribers of the magazine, who will be able to express a vote with scores from 1 to 20. The same type of event, always under the aegis of Vinum, will also be offered again on 9 September at Pure Wine & Food in Munich.

On 8 September in Hamburg , at Villa Verde, the central location of events and seminars on wine in the city, a Masterclass dedicated mainly to the press will be held, conducted by Steffen Maus , wine journalist and Lugana Ambassador with a deep knowledge of Italian wine. The Masterclass will offer for tasting 4 Lugana DOC and 4 Lugana Riserva from different companies, to demonstrate the expressive potential of the two types of Lugana that are most appreciated abroad and which alone represent about 98% of production.

The trip will end on September 14 in Vienna, with another Masterclass in collaboration with Wein & Kultur. The aim of the event is to propose Lugana to the Austrian public with a more informative approach and to present it also in combination with food. The event will be divided into two moments. From 2.30 pm to 6.00 pm at Augustiner Keller, a Masterclass will be held first conducted by Walter Kutscher (Vice-President of the Viennese Sommelier Association), followed by a food & wine pairing (tasting of three dishes to experience the combination with Lugana) and finally an open tasting. From 19:00 to 22:00, the Consortium together with Christian Bauer , another Lugana Ambassador and prominent signature of the Austrian wine press, will instead offer a reserved tasting by invitation in the Italian restaurant O 'Sfizio. Also in this case particular attention will be paid to the pairing, as well as to the proposal of wines in purity.

Lugana's international commitments restart from Germany.