The Casoni distillery kicked off the 2024 production of Gin Tabar Ciliegia di Vignola PGI with a dedicated event.

All the participants at the event held last June 5th in Vignola, home of the prized fruit, experienced it first-hand, where Casoni, a historic distillery based in Finale Emilia (Modena), started the 2024 production of Gin Tabar Ciliegia di Vignola IG P , the new vision of distillate signed by Casoni.

A reference launched on the market last year, which received excellent feedback, and therefore also proposed for 2024.

Gin lovers, bartenders and journalists were personally involved in the fields of the Consortium for the protection of the Vignola PGI cherry, for the hand harvesting, directly from the plant, of the renowned Vignola cherry. An interesting opportunity to discover a world made of history, culture, passion and popular tradition.

Key points of the day also included a Casoni masterclass and a cocktail experience, the latter starring Celeste Porrari of Animo Cocktail Bar in Modena, who created her " something was being born ", a drink designed to best enhance the characteristics of Gin Tabar Ciliegia of Vignola PGI.

“We are extremely happy to have started the new production of Gin Tabar Ciliegia right in Vignola, home of this extraordinary Italian excellence” - comments Manuel Greco, Trade Marketing Manager Casoni . “For this occasion we have chosen to organize a real experience-event in the field, to immerse those present in the world of cherries and make them discover all the peculiarities of this fruit. We therefore invite you to try Gin Tabar Ciliegia di Vignola PGI, a unique and nationally recognized product ; a distillate with refined pleasure, designed to surprise the top experts in the field with the sweet and aromatic hints of cherries mixed with juniper berries and carefully selected local botanicals.” - concludes Greco .