At Bottega, Gin Bacur is joined by the new Green Gin The Wild, characterized by prevalent herbaceous notes.

The complex bouquet is the result of the numerous botanicals used, including, in addition to juniper, lemon and mandarin, sativa hemp seeds, wild fennel and basil. It is produced using water from the Alps. The botanicals are left to macerate separately and for a long time in a hydroalcoholic solution; we then proceed with a double distillation which, by purifying the liquid from any unwanted scents, allows us to obtain an elegant distillate with a complex bouquet.

It is a gin with an unmistakable character, whose uniqueness is given by the selection of wild plants together with the freshness and aroma of lemon and mandarin. On the palate it is dry and harmonious, with vegetal notes of wild herbs.

The creator of this new distillate is Fabrizio Dorigo, Research and Development manager of the Bottega company, whose academic training in scientific disciplines is completed with a degree in Oenology and Viticulture. He stands out for his strong talent and refined sensitivity in the creation of new spirits and liqueurs. He passionately selects the starting ingredients of each product, then evaluating the most appropriate procedure to naturally extract the aromatic charge. The highest possible quality is its constant objective which unites Bottega gins, vermouths, bitters and liqueurs in the name of excellence.

The aesthetic of Green Gin The Wild is characterized by the intriguing transparent green glass bottle and the clear label that highlights the prevalent botanicals.

For mixed drinks, in addition to Gin Tonic obviously, we suggest "Wild Negroni", a reinterpretation of the well-known cocktail, specifically created for the new spirit.

Below is the recipe for the “Wild Negroni”. Ingredients: 40 ml Gin Green The Wild, 30 ml Amaro alle Erbe Alpine Bottega, 20 ml Vermouth Rosso Bottega, ice cubes. Preparation: Pour the gin, amaro and vermouth into a previously cooled low Tumbler, add the ice cubes and mix. Before serving, garnish with a sprig of thyme.