Verdicchio: discovered the wine kit to counterfait it

Verdicchio: discovered the wine kit to counterfait it

Verdicchio: discovered the wine kit to counterfait it

Coldiretti pointed out a wine kit to counterfait Verdicchio: a mix of powder and yeast for the fake made ​​in Italy.

A wine kit to prepare Verdicchio easily at home. This miraculous kit should allow you to produce the award–winning wine of the Marche. Coldiretti Ascoli Fermo has exposed the kit at the first edition of Salone del Gusto Piceno. The package comes from the United States and illudes of being able to enjoy Verdicchio, the fine white of the Marche, in just four weeks.

“Italian wine is the most popular, but also the most imitated abroad where many ’copies’ are spread, that jeopardize the image of the product and the opportunities for market penetration – Paolo Mazzoni, President of Coldiretti Ascoli Fermo, says – . Moreover, a research conducted by the Marche Institute of Protection and the Polytechnic University of Marche, crowned Vedicchio as the most award–winning white wine in industry guides. For wine, as for all other products, the risk is that in International tables a fake Made in Italy roots, taking away market space to the authentic one and trivializing local specialities, the fruit of techniques, traditions and territories that are unique and inimitable”.

Although there were several appeals to stop the marketing of these wine kits, just typing on Google the words “wine kit” you can find out how the business has now spread in several continents and, every site, promises consumers the possibility to produce the famous typical Italian wines.

This kind of products creates incalculable loss to the Italian wine sector and damages consumers.

The threat to Italian food and wine goes beyond the Verdicchio wine: the American “Bella Famiglia Tomato Bruschetta”, a fake Italian tomato sauce, the Brazilian “Pomarola”, the seasoning “Spaghetti Carbonara Miracoli”, this time from Germany. To show these fakes, Coldiretti Ascoli Fermo has announced its Christmas struggle to expose the “fake Made in Italy” destined to the tables on Christmas, unbeknownst to consumers due to the lack of clear rules on the obligation to indicate the origin of food.

According to the estimate of Coldiretti, abroad, the false Made in Italy at the table invoices 60 billion €. In front of these numbers, the intention is to seek a more effective protection against agro piracy improperly using words, colors, location, pictures, descriptions and recipes that appeal to Italy for fake products that have nothing to do with the national reality.



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Verdicchio: discovered the wine kit to counterfait it