This year the Pepper Cup Cocktail Competition, the prestigious international competition based in Riccione where cocktails, drinks and spirits are at home, is signed by Amaro del Ciclista.

The event was preceded by an educational on Casoni's products, Liqueurs for Passion since 1814, with a focus on the Cyclist 's Amaro, the key ingredient of all the recipes prepared.

The inspiring theme of this year's competition was “The epic of the great Romagna discos ”. A theme that testifies to the proximity to the Food & Beverage sector deeply affected by the pandemic emergency .

“Covid-19 represented a stopping point for many clubs, certainly including the discos of Romagna. Unique environments where fun blends with exclusive locations, cutting-edge music and drinks capable of bringing unique emotions to life. Just like the Cyclist 's Amaro ”, commented the Chairman of the Board Pier Giorgio Pola , at the head of Casoni together with the shareholders Andrea Fabbri and Paolo Molinari .

Professional barmen and barladies have created innovative cocktails of excellent quality, in a perfect dance & fun key. Inspiring muses as well as temples of fun, the Romagna discos have found a new connotation and a taste to be discovered .

“Each drink is unique in its kind and contains, in different quantities, the unmistakable Amaro del Ciclista. Its full and round herbal flavor , with marked notes of cinchona and licorice , has been perfectly combined with different blends that have generated original cocktails, to be savored and shared ”, added Pier Giorgio Pola.

“We are proud to be sponsor and main product of the fourth edition of the Pepper Cup Cocktail Competition 2021 because we strongly believe in the value of this competition and in the goodness that lies behind every sip of our Amaro. The event and the Cyclist's Amaro are in fact united by the same values such as SHARING, CONVIVIALITY and PLEASURE in tasting a product capable of giving intense satisfaction ”, concluded Pier Giorgio Pola.


Ancient Italian distillery and liqueur factory based in Finale Emilia (Modena), for over 200 years it has been producing excellent liqueurs and spirits, distributed in Italy and around the world. Born from the passion for tradition and the continuous attention paid to new consumption trends and all the news of the market, Casoni presents a complete range of liqueurs ranging from aperitifs - Negroni, Manhattan, Aperitif, Bitters - to classics - Sambuca , Anicione, Licorice, Amaretto, Coffee & Anise, Fernet, Amaro -; from the Award Winners - Anicione, Liquirizia Amara and Nocino di Modena - to the Amaro and Bitter del Ciclista . The two Vermouths and the Tabar complete the picture. Always close to its consumers, Casoni enters the homes of Italians with superior quality products, capable of making every occasion a moment of joy and conviviality.