Official launch of the Note di Lunches exhibition with 350 menus on display at Casa Robegan until 1st April and many side events to make your mouth water.

With emotion and gratitude, the curator greeted those present and presented her work, made up of dedication and research. << That of menus, witness of historical epochs, is a world. Like a network of roads, it is crossed by the history of cooking, wine, tasting, printing and humanity. Yes, because the history of humanity was made at the table >> he said.

Subsequently, the numerous notes that will make up this symphony of taste were presented: in addition to the 350 menus on display, parallel events will follow one another that will complete the exhibition itinerary.

How do you set the table? How do you know if a coffee is well prepared? The time has come to get involved by sinking your finger into the rich training offer. Every week, cultural lessons will be offered to nourish the mind, Gourmand Stories , and tasting moments, Gusto per Sapere , a real concert for the taste buds.

It is unthinkable not to kick off the cycle with a meeting on appetizers: the world of entrées will be told with a tasting of traditional De Stefani cured meats. And since the menus are not just simple lists, but also aesthetically fascinating supports, they will be analyzed and reproduced during the practical calligraphy workshop. Appetito per la Storia, will instead open a window on the past by analyzing the history of the menus, protagonists of the table as much as the dishes. Finally, the first week will end with the Recipes of the Historical Menus demonstrated through a cooking lesson.

The protagonists of the second week will instead be fruit and cheese, traditional at the end of a meal, with a tasting of Piave DOP and a lesson in cutting and plating fruit. Furthermore, an in-depth analysis will be carried out on the changes in the way of experiencing the table, from the nineteenth century to today.

In the third week, there will be an inebriating lesson on the scents of the table with supporting mouillettes : at the end, everyone will be able to take home a fragrance. For those who prefer taste to the nose, Dessert and Desservir will fill up on sugar, offering an entirely sweet menu, accompanied by a selection of sweet dessert wines from Veneto. Last but not least, a tasting of two espressos to learn to recognize when the coffee is really done right.

To conclude the event, in addition to a round table, it will be possible to travel through time through the history of Venetian viticulture.

Open access exhibition. Information https://notedi/

Appointment program in PDF viewable and downloadable at the link .

Monday and Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 16-20

Thursday 15-18

Friday 15-18

Saturday 10-18

Sunday 10-18

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