The 58th edition of the Michelin Guide Italy 2013 sheds light on the side posiitvo Italian restaurants: the gourmet dining trend was growing exercises starry than 11%, which, at an altitude of 307, Italy in second place on the podium world after France. Interesting note about this year many young talents who are assigned for the first time or adding the coveted star.

The photograph of the director Michelin World
"The local knowledge gained through work passionate, attentive and constant inspectors helped make the 2013 Michelin Guide Italy a trustworthy picture of the Italian restaurant, which turns out to be original and varied," says Michael Ellis, director of the Michelin guides World .
"The high number of new - continued Michael Ellis - emphasizes the dynamism of the Guide. The considerable number of restaurants that offer a menu less than 25, 30 euro and the growing number of stars make the Guide Italy 2013 a useful tool to navigate the Bel Paese and food, according to taste, personal needs and budget of all. The meticulous work of the inspectors showed a very fertile ground, dotted with young talent and the kitchen comes in a proposed regional, classical, creative reinterpretations and ethnic tastes. "

307 stars total for Italy divided as follows:

25 new 1 Star
3 new 2 stars
1 new 3 stars
14 monostelle suppressed
2 bistellati lost
1 tristellato lost
Restaurants with a star 261: Stars suppressed edition 2013: 14 half ceased to work, half for change of chef. In total, the restaurants with a star are 261.

3 chefs under 30 awarded the Star

Lorenzo Cogo El Coq Marano Vicentino (Vi), Luciano Monosilio of Pipero at the Rex in Rome and Nicola de Fossaceca the Metro of San Salvo Marina (Ch).

Lombardy region of Italy top
Lombardy is still the region with 56 starred restaurants (2 three stars, 4 two stars, 50 a Star)
Piedmont, according to 38 (1 three stars, two 5 Star, a Star 32).
Campania, third place 32 restaurants (6 two stars, a Star 26), Campania also has six new restaurants to tap with the highest number of restaurants two stars.

Bolzano: the most starry in Italy

1. Bolzano, 17 restaurants (3 two stars and 14 one star)
2. Rome, 16 restaurants (one two three Stars 2 Stars 1 Star and 13),
3. Naples, 16 restaurants (5 two stars and 11 one star).

Michelin Italy 2013

The three stars at the top of the food are:
Enrico Crippa, Piazza Duomo, Alba (CN)
Massimo Bottura Osteria Franciscan Modena
Heinz Beck, the Hilton Pergola, Rome
Riccardo Stumpy and Italo Bassi, Enoteca Pinchiorri, Florence
Nadia Santini, Al Pescatore, Canneto (MN)
Massimiliano Alajmo, Le Calandre, Rubano (PD)
Enrico Cerea Da Vittorio Brusaporto (BG)

The two Michelin stars:
Emanuele Scarello the restaurant At the Friends of Udine
Daniel and Lionel Wax Wax Lughetto Antica Osteria di Campagna Lupia (VE)
Sandro Servant of The Trout Rivodutri (RI)

Lose a Michelin star and it takes two to one star:
Taverna del Capitano Marina di Cantone (NA)
Trussardi alla Scala (Milan)

There are 25 new starry.

The first star:
Antonio Borruso of Gimmy's Aprica (SO)
Bernard Fourier Da Candida Champion (CO)
Franco Cafarra I Tigli to Lake Como
Andrea Aprea of ??Vun of Milan
Marcello Trentin Magorabin of Turin
Stephen Borra of Vo of Turin
Ivano de Mestriner The Court of Follina (TV)
Vinicius de Tenni The Capercaillie in Madonna di Campiglio (TN)
Cogo Lorenzo de El Coq Marano Vicentino (VI)
Paola Budel the island Venissa Mazzorbo (VE)
Armin Mairhofer Reimund Anna Brunner's Stube in Ortisei (BZ)
Piergiorigo Siviero of Lazarus 1915 Pontelongo (PD)
Rosanna Martial de The Columns of Caserta
Roy Caceres of the Metamorphoses of Rome
Luciano Monosillo of Pipero of Rome
Fabio de Ciervo The terrace of Eden in Rome
Errico Recanati Andreina of Loreto (AN)
Nicola Fossaceca of the Metro of San Salvo Marina (CH)
Salvatore Elephant Il Riccio on Capri (NA)
Pasquale Palamaro Indigo Ischia (NA)
Giuseppe Sculli Gambero Rosso di Marina di Gioiosa Jonica (RC)
Salvatore Bianco de Commander of Naples
Luigi Tramontano of The Pan Flute Villa Cimbrone in Ravello (NA)
Roberto Petza of S'Apposentu of Siddi (VS)
The addition of Vico Equense

Lose a Michelin star:
Doors of Barbaresco
The Nettle Bedizzole
Alley of Saint Lucia Catholic
The Fourth of Cremona
Don Giovanni Ferrara
Pier Bussetti the Castle of Govone Govone
Il Melograno in Ischia
Schuman in Legnano
Quintessence in Desenzano del Garda
The Cantinella Naples
Johannes-Stube in Nova Levante
The Bastille of Spello
Enoteca Henri Viareggio (LU)
Little Prince of Viareggio (LU)

Women are just starry 9.

Promises for 2014 are:
Dal Corsaro in Cagliari
Masseria Spina in Monopoli
Vespaia in Norcia
Mirabelle in Rome
Kresios Telese spa
'The Chimpi in Vigo di Fassa