Bacalà alla vicentina to the tasty conquest of Europe
Bacalà alla vicentina to the tasty conquest of Europe

Bacalà alla vicentina to the tasty conquest of Europe

The Pro Loco of Sandrigo brings the traditional dish from Vicenza to Brussels, while in Rome the Festa del codfish obtains the Sagra di Qualità label.

On Wednesday 29 March, the Veneto Regional Council will officially present the Via Querinissima at the European Parliament in Brussels.

The event will be held in the branch of the Region, where in addition, during the evening of Tuesday 28 March, the Pro Loco of Sandrigo , the promoter of the Bacalà alla Vicentina Festival , will serve the dish to the invited Parliamentarians according to the original recipe codified by the Venerable Brotherhood of Bacalà alla Vicentina, made with only PGI Lofoten stockfish . Other local excellences are also available for tasting, including the wines of Breganze from the IoMazzucato winery and the cheeses of Lattebusche.
The Via Querinissima International Association combines the names of the Serenissima and Pietro Querini , the noble Venetian merchant who in 1431, following a shipwreck in Norway, discovered and brought to Italy stockfish dried by the north winds. The Association's project aims to promote a historical-cultural journey that traces the itinerary taken by the Venetian nobleman through 14 European countries to return to Venice from the Lofoten Islands and includes a dense network of relationships at the continental level within the ambit of the food and wine and the tourist enhancement of territorial excellence.
"The Bacalà Festival was born to tell the story of a territory - declares Antonio Chemello , President of Pro Sandrigo - Through it we remember the popular traditions and the culture of a dish that has strongly marked the identity of the town of Sandrigo and which, with the Via Querinissima project, it opened up the opportunity to start tourist, gastronomic and commercial exchanges and collaborations throughout Europe. In the next few days, for example, we will take a group of Italian journalists to Norway to Bodø, the European Capital of Culture 2024, and to the island of Røst in the Lofoten archipelago, with which Sandrigo is twinned, to find out how and where it is worked Skrei , the raw material used to make our dish”.
Another important award for the activity carried out by Pro Sandrigo comes from Rome, where on Monday 20 March the Bacalà alla Vicentina Festival received the Sagra di Qualità label at Palazzo Madama . The recognition, promoted by UNPLI (National Union of the Pro Loco of Italy) - to which Pro Sandrigo has been a member since its foundation in 1962 - certifies the events that boast a historic link with the territory and have the objective of creating synergies between different economic activities.
“This year the Pro Loco turns 70 – underlines Chemello – all devoted to the promotion of cultural and historical heritage, tourism and the local economy. It is therefore a great pride to see the important work carried out by the organizers and by the very numerous volunteers who make the Festival possible every year ”.
Marica Rigon , Mayor of Sandrigo, was also present at the delivery ceremony at Palazzo Madama: “Today the Bacalà Festival was recognized with the quality mark and is undoubtedly an added value, an indication of attention and respect. These elements allow for a pleasant experience that stimulates the desire to return, favoring positive effects on the country's commercial activities. The recognition is a source of pride for the Municipality of Sandrigo which, thanks to the collaboration with the Pro Loco, has become an attractive center known beyond national borders".

Via Querinissima
The Via Querinissima International Association was founded in June 2022 by the Veneto Regional Council, the Nordland Region, the Västra Götaland Region, the Municipality of Cadiz, the European Consortium for Historical Reenactments (CERS), the Port System Authority of the Upper Adriatic Venice and Chioggia, the Pro Loco of Sandrigo and the Confraternity of Bacalà. In a few months it has welcomed new members, including the Municipality of Vicenza, the Municipality of Sandrigo, the Municipality of Røst, the Heraklion Development Agency, UNPLI Veneto and UNPLI Vicenza.




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Bacalà alla vicentina to the tasty conquest of Europe