Winemakers in band, or wine and music, Trani 12 September
Winemakers in band, or wine and music, Trani 12 September

Winemakers in band, or wine and music, Trani 12 September

Vignaioli in band is an event dedicated to wine and music. That is an evening of celebration during which some talented members of the Puglia Wine Tourism Movement - who cultivate a passion for music - will perform to the delight of wine tourists and enthusiasts. 'The event takes place with the contribution of the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese - underlines Massimiliano Apollonio, president of MTV Puglia - and represents the opportunity to resume marching (after the medical emergency stopped) with events and activities that focus on wine, poetry of land and product that exports the history, tradition and culture of our region to the world '.

Trani, Palazzo delle Arti Beltrani - Sunday 12 September The concert will take place in two sessions: 19 / 20.30 and 21 / 22.30

The concert is divided into 2 sessions: 19 / 20.30 and 21 / 22.30. On stage - playing alone or in jam sessions - the following winemakers will perform:

Acoustica trio band (Cantine Santa Lucia), Gianfelice D'Alfonso del Sordo (Cantine D'Alfonso del Sordo) on piano and band, Gregory Perrucci (Cantine Felline) on piano, Ulrico Priore (Cantine d'Araprì) on double bass and band.

At the same time, on the panoramic terrace of Palazzo Beltrani, a tasting of red, white and rosé wines of the MTV Puglia members will delight the palates. The terrace will be organized in tasting counters with sommeliers who will accompany you in the choice of wines to learn about the differences between the different indigenous grape varieties and the interpretative nuances of each label. The tasting will be combined with our typical products and the story of the reference territory, the cellar and the production process.

The cost of participation is equal to 15euro and c Includes demand: Glass goblet with the brand MTV Puglia and pocket goblet holding, tasting and participation in the concert. For those wishing to visit the city, a reservation is required and an additional cost will be calculated.

Entrance to Palazzo Beltrani is limited to 200 people for each session, therefore registration on the link is mandatory.

In compliance with Legislative Decree 111/21 it is possible to carry out the aforementioned activities only if in possession of the green COVID-19 certification which can be issued after:

  • administration of at least the first dose of vaccine with validity from the fifteenth day after until the date scheduled for the administration of the second dose (in the case of double dose vaccine). In any case, the green certification is valid for nine months from the completion of the vaccination cycle.
  • Healing from Sars-CoV-2 infection (valid for 6 months).
  • Rapid molecular or antigen test with negative result for the Sars-CoV-2 virus (valid for 48 hours).

The companies of MTV Puglia participating in the event:

Apollonio (Monteroni di Lecce), Candido (San Donaci), Carvinea (Carovigno), Count Spagnoletti Zeuli (Andria), Coppi (Turi), d'Araprì (San Severo), d`Alfonso del Sordo (San Severo), De Falco (Novoli), Felline (Manduria), Le Vigne di Sammarco (Cellino San Marco), Wine Producers Manduria (Manduria) , Rivera (Andria) , Santa Lucia (Corato) , Tormaresca (Minervino) , Torrevento (Corato).

The event is part of the 'Wine, poetry of the earth' project created by the Puglia Wine Tourism Movement Consortium and included in the 'Let's keep culture in Puglia' program - Special Fund for Culture and Cultural Heritage LR 40 art. 15 paragraph 3 - We invest in your future.




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Winemakers in band, or wine and music, Trani 12 September