The love for Italian wine seems to be unstoppable, even in times of economic crisis. Winelovers, or wine lovers, are a category of consumers who have demonstrated that they do not want to give up the pleasure of eating and drinking outside the home, despite the increase in the cost of living in Italy.

Who are the Italian Winelovers?

Italian wine lovers, on average, are over 55 years old, and 60% of them consider a meal out from home as a fundamental priority. This group of consumers is willing to spend an average of 103 euros per month to enjoy the pleasure of a good glass of wine and a delicious dinner in a restaurant or venue. Despite the economic difficulties that afflict many Italian families, wine-loving consumers seem to be more inclined to protect this tradition and not to give up a moment of food and wine pleasure.

Drink Preferences: Wine is King

When it comes to drink choices, wine has a special place in the hearts of Italians. According to a recent survey, 40% of consumers prefer wine as a drink. This love for wine places wine in third place, immediately after beer and aperitifs, in the list of drinks most loved by Italians away from home.

Among the various types of wine, still wine dominates the scene, chosen by as many as 75% of consumers. Sparkling wine is in second place with 44% of preferences, while dessert wine occupies third place with 28%. Still wine also prevails in the competition with sparkling wine, with 53% of consumers declaring they prefer it to bubbles.

The Quality Challenge

Before choosing a glass of wine, Italians first look at its origin. Region (37%) and country of origin (32%) are the first two choice criteria, followed by reputation (23%). This shows how important it is for Italians to know the origin of the wine they are about to taste.

Furthermore, Italians are world leaders in favoring wines produced in their own country, with 88% of consumers preferring Italian wines. This percentage exceeds that of renowned wine countries such as New Zealand (85%) and France (78%).

Product quality is an essential aspect for wine lovers, with 37% considering it an essential feature when choosing their drink. Surprisingly, price is not a factor, ranking only sixth at 19%. This shows that, despite the economic crisis, quality remains at the center of the preferences of Italian wine lovers.


In a challenging economic context, Italian wine lovers demonstrate that they are willing to preserve the tradition of good wine and good food outside the home. The quality of the product, together with its origin and reputation, are the main selection criteria for a good glass of wine. This passion for Italian wine is a key element of the Italian gastronomic landscape, and despite the economic challenges, it seems that Italians are determined not to give up the pleasure of a glass of wine in good company.