Vermouth Consortium of Turin relating to the 2024 States General and the appointment of the new Certified Ambassadors.

In what were the Royal Estates of Carlo Alberto of Savoy, today home to the University of Gastronomic Sciences, the Consortium has gathered its members, who represent over 96% of the production of Vermouth di Turin. They market it in 82 countries on 5 continents, with a production of around six million bottles.

The President of the Consortium Roberto Bava and the director Pierstefano Berta outlined a precise picture of the objectives achieved on a national and international level in the year that followed the States General 2023. Important topics were addressed to facilitate the work of the Members, informing them on how effectively follow the guidelines of consortium life and management of the Denomination:

- Information on the most recent updates relating to the Control Plan, conducted by ADM-Cert, the certification sector of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM).
- Clarifications and clarifications on labelling, which includes the affixing of the European Union and MASAF logos. This is an important sign of how much this Protected Geographical Indication means, the only one granted to a Vermouth. In fact, the denomination "Vermouth di Torino" represents an excellence of Piedmont, shows an indissoluble bond with the territory, provides greater guarantees to consumers with a much higher level of traceability and food safety compared to products that do not have this denomination.
- Certification mark in USA. Another fundamental ace achieved by the Consortium was obtaining the Certification Mark, issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This in fact allows the Consortium to protect and rigorously control the "Vermouth di Torino PGI" denomination in the USA, a market of great importance for the Consortium's members.
- The consortium trademark , registered in Italy, Europe and the main international markets, has enabled intense opposition to incorrect uses of the name in European and non-European countries, protecting consumers, producers and Made in Italy in general.
With respect to the market, the President and Director presented data that show the demand and value of Vermouth di Turin is still growing , which is recognized as having particular qualities by consumers. This is also a reflection of the many promotional activities organized in many parts of the world. Among these, in particular, the Mediterranean Aperitif . This project, which started in 2022, has seen many activities carried out in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. Their main moments were retraced to the States General by the project manager, Pauline Rita Rosa.
In the second part of the day, in the cellars of the Banca del Vino, at the Pollenzo Agency, the President and Director of the Consortium held a seminar on the Vermouth of Turin dedicated to journalists and international operators. On this occasion , the new "Ambassadors and Educators of the Vermouth of Turin" were appointed, a recognition aimed at people who work in various capacities with passion and competence for the knowledge and appreciation of this fascinating product. Present to receive the special diploma of ambassadors were Mariuccia Roggero Ferrero and Diego Crippa , important chefs from Canella, Sergio Nodone, ambassador to the Knights of the Truffle of Alba, as well as the "Educator Ambassadors" Pauline Rita Rosa, Myles Cunliffe and Samuel Boulton who managed several seminars in the Consortium's international events.
As soon as the Vermouth Week 2024 has successfully concluded, the July events begin immediately with the London IMBIBE fair , where the Consortium promotes the Mediterranean Aperitif with its partners. A professional seminar organized by the Consortium will follow at the end of July at the Tales of the Cocktail forum in New Orleans, USA.