The first Masterclass organized by the Prosecco DOC Consortium in Shanghai to export Prosecco, culture and education on wine has been much appreciated.

The Masterclass dedicated to Prosecco

Three intensive days of course for 36 professionals importers, teachers, sommeliers and journalists led by the President of the Consortium Stefano Zanette and the Director Luca Giavi. To support, Adua Villa as much praised expert and the Isacs Guides.

Why the Masterclass?

Ultimate goal of the Masterclass was to train operators on Prosecco as an expression of a territory and a special wine culture. Lessons have given space mainly to deepen issues such as geographical origin, methods of cultivation, harvesting and winemaking, the efforts of protection of the Consortium and the most relevant peculiarities.

The participants in this Masterclass now can spread the culture of Prosecco.

Great success to repeat

The initiative has been a huge success, the Prosecco DOC Consortium is already assuming to repeat the initiative in other cities of China.

The Chairman Stefano Zanette said, satisfied: "We really wanted this training course in China and the great participation repays us of the efforts made. We met people who appreciate our Prosecco but that are also curious and eager to study issues that we have proposed, enthusiastic to act as ambassadors of our culture of making wine. China is experiencing a time of strong growth (...) but they themselves feel the need to know more about the products they import, also to be able to transmit its value to potential buyers. The project – Zanette continues – has immediately obtained flattering appreciation even by other Chinese training realities including some government training institutions. (...) The hypotheses is to formalize this initiative activating a calendar of repeats that can widen the target (...). Then, the Masterclass can become a format to be replicated in other Chinese cities".

Very satisfied is also the Director of the Prosecco DOC Consortium, Luca Giavi: "Given the interest expressed regarding the proposals made by the Consortium, I believe that the experience of these days has demonstrated all the potential that Prosecco has in this great country. Now it is up to us to give continuity to this kind of activity".