Some works by Thomas Lange are on display at the La Vigna sul Mare winery
Some works by Thomas Lange are on display at the La Vigna sul Mare winery

Some works by Thomas Lange are on display at the La Vigna sul Mare winery

From September until November, the installation by the German artist Thomas Lange will flank the permanent exhibition by Gimas and three sculptures by Niki de Saint Phalle.

In addition to the works of Lange and Gimas, also in La Vigna sul Mare, you can admire 3 works from the private collection of Niki de Saint Phalle whose Tarot Garden is located a few kilometers from the cellar.

In La Vigna sul Mare, a winery in Pescia Fiorentina, a few kilometers from Capalbio, the installation of the German artist Thomas Lange, called to exhibit his works on the occasion of the Art and Wine exhibition , has been shining on the garden in front of the vineyards for a few days. , in its eighth edition , which in these months will see some local wineries hosting works by important sculptors, so as to give life to a traveling exhibition between beauty and Bacchus.

Thanks to this event it will be possible to admire the installation by Lange, consisting of 24 elements in terracotta and polychrome glazed ceramic that draw inspiration from the representation of Mount Parnassus, emblem of joy, dance, song and music, and taste the wines of La Vigna sul Mare company which currently produces still white and red wines and classic method and Charmat method sparkling wines. It will also be possible to visit the permanent gallery of Gimas, that is Gerardo Masini, a well-known painter of European essentialism and father of Massimo Masini, husband of Francesca Serena Monghini, manager of the company.

For those who will go on site to visit the Wine and Art exhibition, which will be held in eight local wineries, there will also be the wonderful exhibition at Palazzo Colacchioni in Capalbio of over 100 works by Niki de Saint Phalle including sculptures, drawings, videos and photographs between the sixties and nineties, some of which are unpublished and never presented to the public. Thanks to private collectors and the collaboration with the Il Giardino dei Tarocchi Foundation, The Niki Charitable Art Foundation and the Capalbio Foundation, it was possible to give life to this important project which takes place simultaneously with the retrospective dedicated to Niki de Saint Phalle, organized in New York at MoMa PS1 and under construction until September 2021.

The Art and Wine Review, curated by Davide Sarchioni and in collaboration with Dimitri Angelini and Maria Concetta Monaci, organized by the Cultural Association Il Frantoio, avails itself of the collaboration of "Capalbio è vino", a cultural association which includes 8 wineries - Borgo Ciro, Il Cerchio, Il Ponte, Monteverro, Tenuta Monteti, La Vigna sul Mare, Villa Pinciana and Roberto Lombardi - created to promote the Capalbiese wine area .

The Association has recently created, thanks also to the support of the Municipality of Capalbio, a wine shop inside Palazzo Collacchioni, officially inaugurated on 8 July; a place designed to make the wines of these eight realities known, but also to create events and moments of aggregation even between different themes, such as gastronomy, music, art.

Thomas Lange
24 terracotta and ceramic elements of varying sizes

The work is an installation conceived specifically for the green areas of La Vigna sul Mare and consists of 24 elements in terracotta and polychrome glazed ceramic. It is inspired by the representation of Mount Parnassus which, in Greek mythology, is the home of the Muses often associated with the joy of dance, song and music, expressing the supreme ideal of Art.
The different elements, arranged among the olive trees, are objects and figures of classical inspiration of different dimensions and symbolic meanings: vases and busts, male and female faces and bodies, contemporary icons and divinities dedicated to the rural world in which past and present, order and chaos and an ideal of eternal beauty collide and coexist with the gestures of an intense pictorial action, where bright and contrasting colors transform the sculpture into a three-dimensional painting. We distinguish the so-called "Bathers", colorful large-sized ceramics, which derive from the reworking of an eighteenth-century figure associated with the "gleaner" in the fields, whose complex and highly refined realization required collaboration with some artisan companies in the area.
Short biography
Thomas Lange (Berlin, 1957) is a German painter and sculptor whose beginnings are linked to the generation of the "Young Savages" of former West Berlin. His research deals with the theme of the passing of time, of the relationship between yesterday-today-tomorrow, through extensive pictorial cycles with which he continually questions the meaning of images in relation to his own identity and biographical events, but also to current events and to the history of art. His paintings, with an energetic brushstroke and gesture, are portraits or visionary landscapes executed at the limit between abstraction and figuration through continuous and complex chromatic repainting and layering of images intended as superimpositions of temporal planes, of different moments with which he carries out a metaphorical excavation in the history and in the individual memory, where the human figure assumes a meaning and a central role. Since the nineties he has also worked in terracotta and ceramics, creating sculptures, reliefs and installations. Since 2013 his painting has been pushed into physical space through all-over painting actions that transform the places in which he intervenes into real three-dimensional pictorial works. His works and projects have been exhibited in various art galleries and in prestigious museums and foundations, including the Berlinische Galerie and the Martin Gropius-Bau in Berlin, the Kunsthalle in Mannheim, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Palais de Beaux-Arts in Brussels, the Musèe d'art Contemporain de Nice, the Kunstverein in Bielefeld, the Museum voor Moderne Kunst in Ostende, the Staeditsche Galerie in Regensburg, the Mocak in Krakow, the Kunsthalle in Budapest, the Museum am Dom in Würzburg, at the Haus der Architekten in Düsseldorf, at the Resim ve Heykel Müzesi in Istanbul, at the Mori Art Center in Tokyo and in the various European museum spaces of the Würth collection. In 1990 he was invited to the Venice Biennale. In 2001 he won the 41st Suzzara Prize (MN). He made the first page of La Lettura del Corriere della Sera published on 26 January 2014. Among the recent solo exhibitions presented in Italy, we remember those at the MUDIMA Foundation in Milan (2013), Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto (2013-2014), VOLUME! in Rome (2014-2015), ZAC in Palermo (2017), SMMAVE in Naples (2018), Fondazione 107 in Turin (2018). His works are present in numerous museums, collections and public and private spaces in Italy, Europe and the USA. Lives and works between Berlin and Torre Alfina (VT).
The Vineyard on the Sea
The winery is located in Pescia Fiorentina, a few kilometers from Cabalbio (Grosseto). The company produces both wine and extra virgin olive oil. Among the peculiarities there is the one that sees the marketing of sparkling wines, classic method and charmat, obtained with proprietary grapes . In addition to bubbles, two types of Vermentino are produced, four red labels and a still rosé.
La Vigna sul Mare is also hospitality, with 4 welcoming rooms with great personality.
At La vigna sul Mare it is possible to admire the permanent exhibition of paintings by the artist Gerardo Masini, aka Gimas, painter of European essentialism and father of Massimo Masini, husband of Francesca Serena Monghini, manager of the company. In Gimas's blood, Piedmontese, Bolognese and Romagna roots meet which can be found in his works and which today contribute to enriching the territory of Capalbio, which has long been consecrated to art and literature as a place of attraction for many artists.

For info on the exhibition and the cellar and to book a visit:

write to La vigna sul mare or call 0564 1836271




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Some works by Thomas Lange are on display at the La Vigna sul Mare winery