Two special labels and the donation of part of the proceeds from the Botteghe will help raise funds to support research projects on haematological diseases and help the families of those hospitalized at the San Matteo Polyclinic.

Punctual with the approach of the Christmas holidays, the solidarity wine of Torrevilla returns - the association of winemakers that brings together 200 members in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese -, in collaboration with "Luca for not getting lost in time" - an association founded in 2013 by Piera and Lorenzo Bassi to fulfill the wishes of their son Luca, a young psychologist from Torrazza Coste who died due to a tumor in 2011 -, to raise funds to be allocated to PaviAIL , the section of the Province of Pavia of the Italian Association against Leukemia-Lymphomas and Myeloma (AIL), which works in the fight against malignant blood diseases.

The desire that moves the initiative is to create a great wave of generosity to help the cause of the association. And so, as every year since 2013, even in this difficult 2020 Torrevilla will distribute two wines, a Bonarda and a Spumante , with a special label in memory of Luca, sold at a cost of 5 euros per bottle: for each bottle sold, a euro will be donated to PaviAIL to support research on leukemia, malignant lymphomas and myelomas, and to help the families of the hospitalized at the San Matteo Polyclinic.

Not only that: Torrevilla will also donate part of the proceeds from the Codevilla and Torrazza Coste Botteghe , the shops with Torrevilla wines and the gastronomic specialties of the area to PaviAIL.

" We are aware that this year the Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of people to the test, but even in such difficult times we cannot and must not forget all the other diseases - declare Piera and Lorenzo Bassi of" Luca in order not to get lost in time " . We thank Torrevilla for not wanting to miss what has now become a fixed appointment to support research, and we thank those who want to join us in this initiative that will make it possible to realize Luca's desire to help, through PaviAIL, the hematology of Pavia ".

" From the beginning we have embraced with sincere empathy the cause of" Luca not to get lost in time ", for this reason we renew with great pleasure our commitment alongside this beautiful association and our support for PaviAIL's activity - says Massimo Barbieri , President of Torrevilla . Especially this year, making a contribution to support research is a small but very important gesture. The support of each of us can make a difference for many people ».

These are the two wines dedicated to Luca:

  • Bonarda DOP Oltrepò Pavese : sparkling red wine with an intense aroma, with aromas of ripe fruit, and a full-bodied taste, with a soft and tantalizing finish. Perfect to combine with cured and cured meats such as Varzi salami, cooked ones such as cotechino and zampone, and white and red meat dishes, especially if cooked stewed.
  • Plant Dorè Extra Dry : Charmat method sparkling wine of Pinot Nero and Chardonnay, with a fruity aroma with a delicate hint of ripe apricot and a soft, persuasive taste, with an aftertaste reminiscent of sweet almonds. It is ideal as an aperitif and for delicate dishes based on pasta, rice, vegetables and fish.

Wines dedicated to Luca, like the other Torrevilla wines, gastronomic specialties and Christmas baskets, can be purchased at the Botteghe di Torrevilla in Codevilla and Torrazza Coste (PV), open every day until Christmas, or ordered with delivery service. at home by contacting Torrevilla directly (by writing to or by calling 0383.77003).

To learn about Luca's story, the reason for the association's numerous initiatives and the meaning of the title "To not get lost in time":

TORREVILLA has been the association of winegrowers that has been a point of reference for viticulture beyond the Po for 114 years. It brings together 200 winemakers who every day, with effort and dedication, dedicate themselves to the cultivation of vines on over 600 hectares of land spread over nine Lombard municipalities. Among the most dynamic realities of Oltrepò Pavese winemaking (about 50,000 quintals of grapes processed every year and an annual production of around 2,500,000 bottles), Torrevilla proudly claims its deep bond with the territory, the centuries-old experience handed down from its father as a son, and the desire to look to the future by investing in technologies and collaborations that make viticulture ever more efficient and sustainable.