Institutions, research bodies, companies and media engaged in 24 months of agronomic, oenological, sensorial and informative initiatives for the valorisation and relaunch of the historic Sicilian vine.

Its potential can be referred to the production of mono-varietal wines, but also to the composition of blends that express the identity and complexity of the Sicilian terroir.

The vine today suffers from a somewhat reduced consideration at the level of wine criticism, the media and the market. With the VISTA Lucido project, in which the acronym expresses the Innovative and Sustainable Enhancement of the Terroirs of the Native Varieties , the Consortium for the Protection of DOC Sicilia Wines , chaired by Antonio Rallo , wanted to commit itself as project leader and coordinator, in support of the vine, creating a co-planning hub between public administration, research bodies, businesses and local authorities, financed under Submeasure 16.1 of the SICILIA PSR 2014-2020.

The project aims to make a significant contribution to the scientific debate in the sector , to provide new impetus to the national and international market of Lucido , aiming at the valorisation of the widespread Sicilian variety, but also at the creation of an in-depth prototype that can be replicated in similar contexts.

The participation in the project by leading Sicilian wineries, the Regional Institute of Wine and Oil, under the guidance of the Consorzio Tutela Vini and the support of an Innovation Broker, creates a shared prototype of applied research in the wine sector, aimed at to the dissemination of sustainable practices, aiming for the excellence and distinctiveness of Lucido wines, guaranteeing eco-friendly production, capable of being recognized and appreciated.

The project is divided into a series of scientific and informative activities, aimed at bringing significant benefits to the polished production chain and generating an increase in competitiveness for the companies that work there; last but not least, the aim of creating a database that companies can use to measure their environmental impacts and develop protocols aimed at reducing their respective footprints.

VISTA Polished presented at Vinitaly

The Consortium for the protection of DOC Sicilia wines presented the project at the last Vinitaly, with a study conference which saw the participation, as speakers, of the leaders of the Consortium, representatives of the Region and leading professionals from the scientific and oenology.

With the VISTA Lucido project, the Consortium for the protection of DOC Sicilia wines wanted to commit itself as project leader and coordinator, in support of the vine, creating a public-private co-planning hub aimed at generating an enrichment of the territories involved and an increase in competitiveness for the companies that work there.

In the words of Riccardo Cotarella , “Sicily has made enormous steps forward to date and is moving towards cultural, economic and moral recognition that starts from the value of its grapes. It is a virtuous process that involves producers, oenologists, the world of research and institutions. To make the most of Lucido, an iconic Sicilian grape, we must first carefully analyze the characteristics of this variety and know the territories well. Hence the ambitious scientific project of which I have the honor of being part."

The Vice President Giuseppe Bursi recalled that the VISTA Lucido project, like the other projects currently coordinated by the Consortium, such as the Germoplasma project and the BI.VI.SI. project, fall within the protection, supervision, valorisation and promotion activities that are owned by the Consortium, which today has over 7,000 winemakers, covering an area of over 22,000 hectares and 85 million bottles produced.

Councilor Giuseppe Figlioli recalls the fact that the glossy vine accounts for approximately 30% of Sicily's production and that it highlighted, in the last harvest, truly far-sighted results in terms of identity and quality.

Giovanni Colugnati , Innovation broker in the project, underlines how Lucido is a true icon of Sicilian oenology, produced in a myriad of ecosystems all identifying Sicilianness, but all different from each other: an interaction with the terroir that is truly exceptional.

An unparalleled heritage, which this project, with the support of the Sicilian Region, aims to enhance and best communicate to the national and international market.

The project is now fully operational and foresees a sufficiently long time horizon to substantially impact the visibility of this great Sicilian wealth.