Transparency and monitoring of yields to protect the Lugana DOC
Transparency and monitoring of yields to protect the Lugana DOC

Transparency and monitoring of yields to protect the Lugana DOC

In light of a complex 2023 harvest, due to hail events, the Lugana Doc Consortium chooses to clearly disclose the production data in the primary interest of protecting and enhancing the denomination, estimating an overall average reduction in grape yields of 30%.

The Lugana Doc Protection Consortium - following the hail events that hit part of the vineyards of its denomination - chooses to transparently communicate the 2023 harvest forecasts.

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with the Lombardy Region and the Veneto Region, in which the denomination falls and to which the Consortium has requested field monitoring of the production potential for the 2023 vintage, it is possible to communicate to the market the forecast data of the current harvest and estimate a average reduction in yields which is around 30%.

“In a complex phase of the harvest involving various Italian wine-growing regions, which have had to face both atmospheric and phytopathological adversities, it becomes increasingly important to communicate harvest forecasts to the market in the most transparent way possible, to protect the denomination and the quality of the product” underlined Fabio Zenato, president of the Lugana Doc protection consortium.

“We are increasingly convinced that a mature, serious sector must necessarily accept the challenge of transparency, because only in this way are we able to make consumers understand the difficulties of wine production, made even more problematic today due to intense phenomena , sometimes very extensive, in light of the serious climatic changes".

“I believe the time has come - highlighted Edoardo Peduto, director of the Lugana Doc Consortium - to make courageous choices towards the market, actions that are possible thanks to constant teamwork and sharing of objectives by the entire supply chain. This type of initiative falls within a precise vision of foresight in the context of the protection and supervision activities implemented to preserve and increase the credibility of the supply chain over time".

In this direction, the Lugana Doc Consortium becomes the protagonist of a new approach to the analysis of production trends and of communication that adheres as closely as possible to reality.

“Our behavior – underlines Peduto – is also appreciated by public bodies, involved in various capacities in wine policies, in which they have recognized the appropriate way to pursue, on the one hand, the protection and value of the Denomination, and on the other, to inform market stakeholders, allowing the relevant bodies to provide concrete support to our companies".

“In recent weeks - declared the Councilor for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry of the Lombardy Region Alessandro Beduschi - we have worked side by side with the Consortium to precisely map the impact of the bad weather on the Lombard side of the DOC and therefore produce a useful documentation to allow the verification of yield declarations in this 2023 harvest. A fundamental collaboration to protect with transparency and concreteness, even in a particularly complex vintage, one of the treasures of our wine heritage, the producers and consumers who appreciate it more and more".

“The Consortium – concludes Edoardo Peduto – has been operating for years according to a policy of positioning and raising the value of the denomination in the long term: knowing how to preserve the value of our heritage and the work done today means investing in a precise perspective, which will allow the denomination to continue to grow in the domestic and international markets.

Harvest forecasts - technical note:

After a very hot and sunny summer period, the rains at the end of August and beginning of September guaranteed a good thermal alternation between day and night, with mild daytime temperatures and cool nights, which allowed the plant to continue ripening the grapes , significantly improving the quality potential in the final part of the growing season.

For this harvest, we can confirm a discreet delay compared to last year (around 12 days), with the first analytical data showing an interesting potential in terms of freshness and acidity and a slightly lower alcohol potential compared to 2022.




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Transparency and monitoring of yields to protect the Lugana DOC