The promotional campaign conducted in the main Italian cities has exceeded 15 million views on social media.

The growth of Asolo Prosecco is unstoppable : the data at the end of June show a leap forward of 25% compared to the first six months of 2020, when, however, the Asolo bubbles had already shown themselves to be stronger than the pandemic and closed the semester with a 9% increase.
The happy picture of Asolo Prosecco was traced during the Consortium Members' Assembly, which took place on 30 June. “The strategic vision we have implemented - says the president Ugo Zamperoni - has allowed us to strengthen our positioning. If at the end of last year we had touched 19 million bottles for the first time, thus rising abundantly to fourth place overall in Italy among the denominations of the sparkling wine sector , in the first six months of 2021 we have already placed 9.7 million bottles, against 7.8 million in June 2020. We are also perfectly able to meet the new requests for Asolo Prosecco from both Italy and abroad: in fact, I remember that in the last harvest not only did we not adopt any restrictive measures on grape production , in contrast with many of the other major Italian denominations, but we even set aside an additional harvest reserve, which we will now put on the market ”.
Meanwhile, the campaign that the Asolo Prosecco Consortium conducted via social media in some of the main Italian cities ( Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence, Bologna, Rome, Naples, Bari and Catania ) is also ending with dizzying numbers. in the whole of Veneto : more than 15 million views were obtained from the posts that presented the image of Asolo Prosecco as “the other aperitif” to Facebook and Instagram users.
"The goal - explains Zamperoni - is to affirm the idea that Asolo Prosecco is the ideal sparkling wine for a refined aperitif , in line with the indication expressed by 74% of users interviewed during a positioning survey conducted by Bva-Doxa on behalf of the Consortium ".
From late spring to the end of June, 4 million users viewed the recipes proposed in combination with Asolo Prosecco several times, interacting with the consortium social media more than a million times . In addition, the videos illustrating the preparation of the recipes have garnered over 5 million views . The initiative has aroused the attention of every age group, but the most relevant data is the one that indicates that 30% of users who have shown interest in Asolo Prosecco are under 35 years old. 80% of accesses to the website dedicated to the campaign (, where the recipes of finger food paired with Asolo Prosecco are illustrated in detail, was carried out by women . On the other hand, the male public used the site to land in the online shops of the individual producers of Asolo Prosecco.