2015 is the year of Prosecco Extra Brut. To say this, the Asolo Montello Wines Consortium that, with the amendment of the 2014 specification, today is the only designation in the landscape of Prosecco that can define the Extra Brut type in bottles produced with the DOCG. A farsighted choice that today is achieving important results: in one year new producers of the Consortium approached the Extra Brut and the estimated impact on production is about 200,000 bottles. An initial estimate, likely to rise, which in any case sees production quadrupled, that in 2014 registered around 50,000 bottles.

The merit of the Asolo Montello Wines Consortium was to see first a change in consumer habits and to act as a forerunner in the landscape of Prosecco. Today, in effect, buyers and importers are going increasingly to dry tastes, in preference to those sweetish. «This is confirmed also by the United States – Armando Serena, Chairman of the Asolo Montello Wines Consortium, said – which historically has always been a market interested in buying sweet wines. Now from California, the situation is evolving. There is much curiosity about the Extra Brut and this is witnessed by a continuous increase in sales». Prosecco Asolo Docg in the Extra Brut version highlights the strong identity of the hills of Asolo, where the soil is naturally predisposed to wines of greater structure. High hills, important temperature ranges, good ventilation and mineral wealth, express themselves in the best way in a Prosecco with average low sugar content. The structure of Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, characterized by a higher than average dry extract, shows great pleasure and elegance, also with a sparkling wine making with residual sugar ranging between 0 and 6 grams/liter in second fermentation.

Info: www.asolomontello.it