Asolo Prosecco starts the new hill cru plan
Asolo Prosecco starts the new hill cru plan

Asolo Prosecco starts the new hill cru plan

The rebranding underlines the strong link between the tradition of Prosecco and the territory of Asolo, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and Italian consumers believe the union between the name Asolo and the name Prosecco is inseparable.

Asolo Prosecco grows and launches its new strategy, totally aimed at highlighting, both in wines and in communication, the very strong link between the local tradition of Prosecco, the hills of the territory of Asolo and the neighboring countries.

After exceeding 17 million bottles in 2019 and having achieved further double-digit growth in the first quarter of 2020 (22% compared to April of last year), Asolo Prosecco, the smallest of the three denominations of the panorama of Prosecco, aims to present itself as a sort of "cru" of the Venetian bubbles .
At the basis of the repositioning strategy are the data of the Bva Doxa survey commissioned by the Asolo Prosecco Consortium last year on an audience of Italian consumers of sparkling and sparkling wines, which shows how the name of Asolo is known by three quarters of the respondents (74%) and that a quarter have already visited the town (26%), while only 43% of the sample knows that Prosecco is produced on the Asolo hills.
That the union between the name of Asolo and that of Prosecco is inseparable attests to further data from the survey, which shows that 32% of consumers would no longer be willing to consider the name among the purchasing choices if the name Asolo appeared devoid of the Prosecco specification, while only 22% would still drink it. Conversely, 84% of the sample is available to drink a wine called Asolo Prosecco.
“The research data - explains Ugo Zamperoni , President of the Asolo Prosecco Consortium - confirm that combining the word Prosecco with the name of Asolo strengthens the territorial identity of the denomination, already deeply rooted. Asolo Prosecco is in fact a full expression of the territory, it is culture, it is history. With this in mind, we have also created a new payoff, It is a completely different story , which aims to underline the link between the bubbles and the city that gives them their name and its priceless cultural value ".
To strengthen the sense of belonging to the territory of Asolo, the Consortium has equipped itself with a new coordinated image, created by the Veronese Paffi studio. The name of the denomination shows the Rocca, which has always been the symbol of the village of Asolo, and the profiles of the hills on which Asolo Prosecco is born, while the colors echo the golden ones of the wine and the facades of the old houses of the historic center of Asolo.




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Asolo Prosecco starts the new hill cru plan