The label was created on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth and thirty years of the death of the English writer and traveler who lived in Asolo.

The aim of the initiative is to support the conference dedicated to the English writer and traveler Freya Stark - between West and East , scheduled for Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November in Asolo and curated by Cristina Mondin, archaeologist and manager of the Civic Museum of Asolo, an organization that promotes the event together with the non-profit association MAReA. The event, which will be attended by internationally renowned scholars, includes two sessions: one dedicated to Freya Stark in the Asolo area and the second dedicated to the Middle East and the places she visited starting from 1927. The label, with the illustration by Giulia Scremin and the graphics created by Studio Paffi of Verona, shows the portrait of Stark, inventor of the travel writing genre, icon of freedom and female emancipation, in love with Asolo to the point of choosing the village as a retreat and a place where be buried. Behind him you can glimpse, in addition to Istanbul, the beloved hills and the Fortress, symbol of the town.
“Freya Stark – declares Ugo Zamperoni , President of the Asolo Prosecco Consortium – is undoubtedly one of the best-known figures who, throughout history, have chosen Asolo as a place of the heart. Strong and independent, he was a shining example of an intellectual of his era. We dedicate our special label to her, aware that the culture and beauty of the village, of which Freya was the spokesperson, also passes through a glass of wine. It is up to us to promote a unique territory, which over the centuries has managed to win the hearts of numerous well-known names and which over time has managed to maintain its charm unchanged".
“Asolo, Cittaslow International and among the most beautiful villages in Italy, has always been a city of art and culture – continues Mauro Migliorini , Mayor of Asolo –. If these represent the driving force for every tourist activity, the food and wine heritage is taking on a primary role by attracting more and more people. The one between the Asolo Prosecco Consortium and the Asolo institutions represents a synergy capable of increasing the knowledge and valorisation of our wines, the landscape and the history of this village. A round of applause therefore to the Consortium which dedicated one of the symbolic products of the territory, an excellence recognized and internationally appreciated, to a woman who has made her lifestyle out of sustainable travel, knowledge and culture, choosing Asolo as her favorite place".
“When Freya Stark began to frequent Asolo at the age of one, in 1894 – concludes Cristina Mondin – she was made to play in what later became the garden of Villa Freya; unlike what it is today, the garden was a vineyard. The studies that the Civic Museum conducted, and which will be presented at the conference, show us how Freya Stark was a great admirer of the characteristics of our territory: the rolling hills, the mild climate, relaxed walking in a welcoming and reserved environment. Combining culture and oenology in this project means combining two aspects that characterize our territory today as then".
The bottles dedicated to Freya Stark donated by the Consortium are available in the shop of the Civic Museum of Asolo starting from 11 November .

The Asolo Prosecco Consortium celebrates one hundred years since the birth and thirty years since the death of Freya Stark by dedicating to her a series of four hundred limited edition institutional bottles.