47 Italian and 14 foreign labels, evaluated by three commissions made up of oenologists, sommeliers and journalists.

The tasting panel of the 21st Müller Thurghau International Wine Competition took place in recent days, the results of which will be revealed on Saturday 29 June in Cembra, as part of the 37th edition of Müller Thurgau: Mountain Wine .

61 wines entered the competition , of which 23% were foreign . Specifically, among the Italians, 39 wines from Trentino, 5 from Alto Adige, one from Lombardy and two from Aosta Valley, while among the foreigners 12 Germans and two Czechs. 44 labels for 2023, 12 for 2022, three for 2021, one for 2019 and one for 2014.

Divided into three tasting commissions, each made up of 6 commissioners including oenologists, journalists and sommeliers, the judges carried out blind tests to analyze each label through four steps according to the Union Internationale des Oenologues Method: sight, smell, taste and taste-smell . Each wine was tasted by two commissions and, once the lowest and highest ratings were eliminated, the average for the final rating was determined.

From here the awarding of medals will be defined, with a limit of 30% of the winners out of the total number of participants and a maximum of 10% of Gold Medals.

Tasting and awarding of the winning wines will also be entrusted this year to the expertise and passion of Andrea Amadei , professional sommelier, speaker of Decanter, face of "È semper notte" on Rai 1 and curator of the contents of the magazine "The Art of Wine".

Enthusiasm on the part of the commissioners involved who, at the end of the tasting, highlighted the high quality of the selected wines and the great potential of Müller Thurgau which, with its freshness and elegance presents the ideal characteristics to meet the tastes of the contemporary consumer, but also excellent evolutionary capabilities, as the non-vintage versions have demonstrated.