At Vinitaly 2013 the second edition of the national Competition for rosé wines was presented.

The national Competition for rosé wines of Italy 2013 is at its second edition, the first had undoubted success with over 280 wineries and 370 labels participants bringing the competition at the national level and making it a reference point for the world of Italian rosé wines. For 2013, you can register rosé wines until 22nd April. The award ceremony will be held 18th May in the Castle of Otranto.

To understand the relevance and dissemination of rosé wines it is enough to consider that 1 glass of wine drunk out of 10 in the world is of this type, the production increased by 13% over the last 8 years, reaching 25.3 million hectoliters in the world. 75% of world production is French, Italian, American. Italy is among the largest producers in the world, Puglia is the region that produces more rosé wine.

Competition for Rosé Wines of Italy 2013: voice to the promoters of Puglia
Not by chance the Department of the Food Resources of the Puglia Region is also this year at the forefront for the promotion of the Competition in partnership with Assoenologi, the Italian Academy of Grapes and Wine and Unioncamere Puglia and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

"The Puglia region - the senator Dario Stefàno said, who in his role of regional minister gave birth to the first edition of the Competition in 2012 - will center also this year and once again with Rosé. The second edition of the Competition, in fact, starts with the strenght of the extraordinary success of last year which today finds confirmation by the presence of famous people like Enzo Vizzari and Adua Villa. With the national Competition Puglia wanted to assume the role of ambassador of Made in Italy "Rosé" in the world, a wine specificity with traces in our wine making history that today is experiencing so much appreciation on the part of Italian and foreign consumers, experts and wine lovers. It is a growth opportunity for quality and trade promotion that we have looked after even in the details and that the producers will certainly be able to seize also this year. The now gained ability to promote an extraordinary heritage of knowledge, production techniques, local grape varieties unique in the world and the definitely accorded quality of our labels make us protagonists and no more strangers all over the world. "

In his wake the commissioner of Puglia Nardoni Fabrizio said: "We are in the second edition of an event that we are willing to make grow, aware of the imprimatur that we were able to put on the recognition of a quality Italian wine making that in the past eight years had always constant growth trend. A choice that we make embracing the whole range of prestigious rosé wines of Italy, but with the intention to establish and grow a trend that will inevitably reward a region, like ours, with its more than two million bottles a year and 40% of the production of this sector in Italy. A fact that has considerable value even in terms of export within the Puglia region and all over Italy. And it is right on the trend towards the foreign market that the competition will have to make a further leap in quality ".

Vinitaly 2013: vip for the presentation of the Competition:
At the presentation during the Vinitaly 2013, in addition to Fabrizio Nardoni and to Senator Dario Stefàno, exceptional testimonials were present: the director of L'Espresso Guides, Italian Wines and Food of Italy, Enzo Vizzari, and the Master Class Adua Villa. Furthermore, the representation of the Enologi Enotecnici Italiani - Assoenologi - Association was present, which is officially the Head of the technical operational execution of the selections. To represent the association, the general manager of Assoenologi, Giuseppe Martelli.

Information sheet on the competition

2nd National Competition for Rosé Wines of Italy

Ministerial Authorization
DM 10/12/2012 n. 5628 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry

Puglia Region - Area of Policies for Rural Development

Performing responsible of the technical operations of the selections
Associazione Enologi Enotecnici Italiani - Assoenologi

Wines admitted to the Competition
The Competition is open to still rosé and sparkling wines with a protected designation of origin (PDO) and geographical indication (PGI), rosé and sparkling wines with a protected designation of origin (PDO), a typical geographical indication (PGI) and quality sparkling wines rosé (VSQ) produced and bottled in Italy presented by wine growers, wine producers on their own, wineries and commercial and industrial companies.

Cost of participation
? 50 + VAT for each sample subscribed

Expiration Date for sending samples
22nd April 2013

Selection of wines - tasting committees:
Bari, 4th and 5th May 2013, Hotel Mercure Villa Romanazzi Carducci

Final conference - Awards ceremony:

Castle of Otranto, 18th May 2013

Composition of the tasting commissions

Each commission is composed by drawing lots of 4 appointed by the Associazione Enologi Enotecnici Italiani and no. 1 journalist or expert of the Italian or foreign wine sector appointed by the organizing body

Are awarded ex-aequo with Certificate of Merit all rosé wines in each category who obtain the minimum score of 80 cents.
The first three wines that, within each category defined in Article 5 of the Regulation, obtain the highest score, provided that not less than 80 cents, respectively, are awarded with the Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal .

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